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23 September 2022

Newsletter Articles

End of Term 4

We come to the end of yet another term, full of wonderful learning experiences, excursions and achievements. I have been exceptionally proud of the commitment to learning improvement of both our students and staff throughout Term 3. There have been multiple academic, sporting and arts highlights and our leadership team was especially privileged to get the opportunity to see our students perform Monday night at the Primary School’s Festival of Music at the Festival Theatre. Our student performances in both the Choir and Troupe have been outstanding and the event was a wonderful way to celebrate the commitment and hard work by everyone involved.

Thank you all for your contributions throughout the term and I wish you all a safe and rewarding break with your families and loved ones over the Term 3 school holidays. We look forward to welcoming students back on Monday 17 October.


We had some wonderful news recently with Jake and Maya both securing permanent positions at Eden Hills Primary School from 2023. Their appointments recognize the contributions both had made towards student learning over a significant amount of time at our site. We are thrilled to have them as part of our staff team in ongoing roles.

We also welcome Olivia Brown who joins us from Memorial Oval Primary School in Whyalla in an ongoing position in 2023. Olivia has been teaching at Memorial Oval Primary School since October 2014 in a variety of roles. From 2014 – 2020 she was an Upper Primary classroom teacher, working with students from Years 4 – 7. In 2020 Olivia began a leadership role as a Numeracy Coordinator and since 2021 has been employed as both the Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator at her site. We welcome Olivia to the teaching team at Eden Hills Primary School and look forward to her valuable contributions to learning and school improvement next year.

NAPLAN / Site Improvement

We have now received our NAPLAN data and we have again seen some pleasing improvement across various domains, which is a fantastic achievement considering the levels of complication COVID has presented over the last few years.

Notable achievements were:

  • In year 3 Writing we surpassed our Site Improvement target of 42% of students reaching the high achievement bands with a result of 82%
  • In year 5 Writing we surpassed our Site Improvement target of 41% of students reaching the high achievement bands with a result of 59%
  • In year 3 Numeracy we surpassed our Site Improvement target of 30% of students reaching the high bands with a result of 42%
  • In year 3 Reading we saw an increase of 5 students from 2021 with 16 students reaching high bands

Families will receive their child/ren’s NAPLAN reports next Monday 26 September.

Kind regards,
Andrew Dowling

Old Tailem Town Excursion

On the 25th of August, rooms 11 and 12 went on a day trip to Old Tailem Town as a part of our HASS unit on the history of Australia. We had an old fashion lesson on how things were done in the 20th century. After that we all split up into separate groups to explore the old town. There where heaps of old buildings including a train station, hospital, church, cemetery, town hall, post office, bank, sewers shop, bookstores, cinema museum and a chemist. It was a great experience for those who had not been before even though it was raining. It was very interesting to see how things were done in the olden days compared to how things are done now.

By Eliana

On the 25th of August, Rooms 11 and 12 went on a trip to old Tailem town for their history subject in HASS. They started the day by going into the old schoolhouse and met an older man who grew up going to the kinds of schools when he was a boy and so he marched them in and told them stories and history of what is was like in that generation. Once they had finished at the school the classes were put into groups and got to go around and explore all the old shops and homes which went from places where you could sign up for the army all the way to a family home that was small but still fit in seven family members. Everyone one who went to Tailem town had an awesome time exploring through this town of facts and it was almost as if they were traveling back in time and learning on the way and everyone all enjoyed putting themselves in the shoes of people back in those times so they could have a greater understanding of how much the world has changed. I was lucky enough to be able to explore this wonderful place and I definitely recommend for others to explore this wonderland of history because this has to had been my greatest experience of a school trip and plus when room 11 and 12 were in the old school they were the quietest they had ever been and that was because we were so interested in learning about a very different generation than what we live in today.

By Charlotte

On the 25th of August rooms 11 and 12 went to Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village for a HASS excursion. It was like walking through a time machine back to 1883. We explored an abundance of old buildings including old banks, general stores, hospitals and more. In most of the buildings, there were creepy mannequins -that made us scream- to display what life would’ve looked like back then. In the school room, we performed a marching ritual and singing ‘God Save the King!’ We learnt about how different schooling was and the harsh punishments that came with it. It was an enjoyable experience!

By Pippa and Kesserlee

Water Safety Years Rec to Year 4

Swimming was helpful because we mainly practiced the 4 survival strokes: survival backstroke (chicken star soldier), doggy paddle, side stroke, survival breaststroke.

We also learned how to do safe entries into the water which is important when entering a body of water because you don’t always know the depth of the water.

Some of the other safety skills we practiced were treading water while wearing clothing, calling for help and putting a life vest on in the water. We also found out how important it is to always walk around the pool or on hard, wet surfaces.

Some of the safe rescue skills we practiced were reach rescues and throw rescues. You need to keep yourself safe as well as the person you are rescuing.

Water safety was a fun experience, and we can’t wait to do it again.

By Annabelle and Emilie

Book Week

The Year 6 Resource Centre team did a wonderful job off setting up the Resource Centre to celebrate this year’s Book Week theme ‘Dreaming with eyes open’. They then ran a session with each class focussing on celebrating ‘Country as the first storyteller’. No matter what challenge was thrown at them, they consistently modelled the school values of respect, responsibility, creativity and resilience. Congratulations Char, Jonah, Charli, Mags, Charlotte, Lily, Taylor, Evelyn, Elissa, Luke, Lola, Eliana and Abby!

If you have children in Rec-Year 1 we hope that you got to share the Ngarrindjeri dreaming of the Mulyawonk with them, using the story stones they created. The Year 2-6 students worked in groups to illustrate a range of First Nation dreamings from around Australia. These are being made into books and will be available to borrow next term.

As part of our Book Week celebrations our whole school was also immersed in a ‘Story Quest’, presented by Perform Education.

The story was about Marley, who had dreamt that she had written the most marvellous story and now she was awake she wanted to make it come to life. She found herself a main character, Henry, and set him off on a story quest to recreate her dream story. The only problem was, she needed help working out the events in her story. Luckily, as Henry became braver, he had a few ideas for Marley, and they also used some of the shortlisted books for help along the way, like Blue Flower, The First Scientists and The Boy and the Elephant. Marley found out that creating a story when you’re awake was a bit more challenging than dreaming a story, but she got there in the end with a bit of extra help from the audience.

We all loved going with Marley on her story quest adventure with her main character, Henry, especially the parts where we got to make drumbeats and fling arrows into the sky. What an adventure!

SAPSASA Athletics

On Friday 9 September, 15 students travelled down to Bowker Street Oval to compete at the local SAPSASA Athletics competition. Despite some rain and windy conditions, the students maintained positive spirts and represented Eden Hills with pride. Congratulations to all students who competed, and a special mention to Kesserlee and Felix who have made it to the State Championship for relay, and to Jonah who will compete in the discus. Thank you to all parents who came to support and help throughout the day.

Reminder Last Day of Term 3 / Sports Day

Our last day of Term 3 is Sports Day at the Bowker Street Oval. Dress in your team colours and be ready for action.



Vice Captains


Aleksander & Lily

Abigail & Maggie


Oliver & Taylor

Jonah & Lucas


Charlotte & Eliana

Claire & Luke

The students will return to school for a 2:10pm early dismissal.

Parents are more than welcome to take their children home from the Bowker Street Oval when Sports Day finishes at 1:20pm.

Changes to Family Information Details

It is important that families notify the school of any changes in their contact details including their emergency contact information. If you have a new residential address, can you please supply the office with a copy of a recent utilities bill or a rental or sales agreement document.

Japanese Cultural Day

Minnasan Konnichiwa [Hello Everyone],

We are very excited to announce that there will be a whole-school Japanese Cultural Day on Wednesday 2 November [Week 3 – Term 4]. On Japanese Cultural Day, students will spend the day participating in a variety of fun Japanese cultural activities. We would love to see lots of students dress-up in Japanese themed attire (anime or manga characters, Pokémon, emojis, ninja, traditional dress, judo or karate uniform etc) If that’s not possible/preferable, then students can wear red or white or their school uniform.

Sushi lunch orders will be available on the day. The Blackwood Canteen has agreed to provide sushi for us at a cost of $3.20 per roll. You will be able to place your orders from Monday 17 October. You will need to order the Sushi before 10:00am Friday 28 October via QKR under special food day.

Sushi that will be available:

Teriyaki chicken, Tuna and avocado, Salmon and avocado, Vegetarian (carrot, cucumber, avocado)

Elin Sensei and Kelly Sensei

2022 Term 4 Sports Registration

Registrations are now open for sports in Term 4, 2022
Cricket, Basketball and Volleyball
If you are already registered, please DO NOT register again.

To register click the link below:


Remember we need new coordinators and coach volunteers for our After School Program 2023

Not Getting Notes

How many times have you found a crumpled-up note at the bottom of the bag or not received one at all? We have uploaded all permission notes and information for parents to access via our website and Schoolzine App. Here you will be able to download all correspondence sent home and print a hard copy or complete the forms on your computer and email back to the school.

Vacation Care

First Day Term 4

Reminder that the First Day of Term 4 is
Monday 17 October

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