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29 March 2018

Newsletter Articles

My Many Coloured Days Performance

WEEK 10 Wednesday 4 April @ 9.00am

A reminder that each class will be performing ‘a colour’ – an emotion expressed through coloured clothes, music and movement. This is a culmination of this term’s music and dance/drama programmes, based on the Dr. Seuss book, ‘My Many Coloured Days’.

Please come along and be our audience!

Marilla/Kelly - Room 1,Orange

Kellie/Maya - Room 6, Yellow

Julie/Kelly - Room 2, Grey

Kat - Room 7, Purple

Michelle - Room 3, Red

Ainslie - Room 8, Green

Angela - Room 4, Blue

Stew - Room 11, Pink

Edie/Jade - Room 5, Brown

Craig - Room 12, Black

Belair Fun Day

LAST DAY OF TERM – Friday 13 April 2018
Belair National Park (free entry)
Cost per student - $2.50 for train fare

A letter was sent out last week with further information and a permission slip.

Children will be involved in a range of activities including hiking, walks, the Adventure Playground, old-fashioned games like sack races, knuckle bones and marbles, and also Jenga, Finska and Kubbs.

School will start at the normal time and the Fun Day will finish at 1.15pm at the Belair National Park - Gums Oval. Parents/carers are invited to attend. Students can be collected from the Park at 1.15pm (after being checked off by the class teacher) or from school at 2.15pm. OSHC will be available from 2.15pm.

SAPSASA Swimming

Five swimmers from Eden Hills where selected to represent the school at the annual swimming carnival. Team members were Taylor C, Drew S, Diezel K, Tarcan K, and Amelie W. Many of the swimmers set PBs on the night and placed in their heats! Special mention to Tarcan who placed 2nd in backstroke overall. The twilight event provided ideal conditions for family supporters to enjoy a picnic; their support of the team was appreciated. Thanks to Stew and Rebecca for organising the practices and officiating on the night. Well done Team!

Great Achievement

Not sure if you have seen Archie around this week or possibly even heard through the grapevine but he decided a few weeks ago (completely off his own back) that he wanted to do the World’s Greatest Shave and raise money for kids with leukaemia. He set out to raise $100 and asked family and friends, his teachers and a few support staff if they would sponsor him. He ended up raising over $500! He has shaved his head and is so pleased with himself. Great work Archie!

Eden Hills Spring Event Survey of Interest


Eden Hills Survey Regarding Camps


Early Dismissal Last Day of Term 1

Reminder to all parents and carers that the last day of Term 1, Friday 13 April is a 2.15pm dismissal (or 1.15pm at the Belair National Park as outlined earlier in the newsletter).

Term 2 begins Monday 30 April.

Lego Club

Eden Hills Primary School has founded a Lego Club. It’s open in the Resource Centre, every lunchtime of the week (except Thursdays). It is run by the Lego Club community service team which is managed by Miles B and Chester. Come and check it out!

Coding Club

Coding club happens on Friday lunchtimes in the STEM room. The students have been doing coding on Scratch, Code.org and with LEGO Mindstorms. All students are welcome to attend and lots of students have been attending the lunchtime sessions. The coding club managers are Faith and Max.

By Max

Chess Club

In chess club this term we’ve been doing a come and try, but we might do something different in Term 2. It’s organised by the managers who are Max, Dhruv and Matty and they supervise and attend every week. It’s held in the library every Thursday at lunchtime and is advertised in the morning. We do chess club to help people learn how to play chess and develop their skills. I really enjoy running chess club and I’m glad that I get to do it for the entire year.

By Matty

Creative Club

The Eden Hills Creative Club will present a series of after school arts workshops providing children the chance to play and explore through a range of arts experiences. A different ‘Come and Try’ session will be offered each week in dance, drama, music, media arts and/or visual arts/crafts.

Do you have an artistic passion or a skill in the arts?

Parents and carers are invited to share their creative skills in leading a ‘Come and Try’ session limited to 20 students. Your session might be a one-off experience, or have the potential for a longer series to continue in Term 3.

Things to consider:
Age group: R – 2 Year 3 – 5 Year 6 – 7
Art form: Dance Drama Music Media Arts Visual Arts/crafts
Provide a brief workshop description
Resources/Material required
When: Term 2 : Weeks 4 – 8 : 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Where: Stem Room
Please contact: Jen Lush jen.lush@mac.com or Kerrin Rowlands kerrinrowlands@gmail.com

The Year 5, 6 & 7 Adelaide 500 Excursion

Rooms 7, 8, 11 and 12 went to the Adelaide 500 on 1 March. The Adelaide 500 is a race involving cars, motorbikes and super stadium trucks; they also did show cases of caravans, motorbikes, boats and buses. It is held in Victoria Park for 4 days. During the night there were some concerts, but we did not get to see them.

We took the 9.08am train to the Adelaide train station and then we walked to the Adelaide 500. We left the racetrack at 1.45pm and arrived back at school at 3.00pm.

While walking around the racetrack we saw lots of food shops, gift shops, lots of vehicles and sideshow rides, but we weren’t allowed on the rides for safety reasons. We saw the cars but they were only practicing for the big race.

We went to the Adelaide 500 for a fun experience and to see how a big event is organised. After the excursion the students did activities relating to the Adelaide 500.

By Ruby and Sarah

On Thursday a couple of weeks ago, the Year 5, 6 and 7s went to Adelaide 500. There were a whole heap of races that I think everyone enjoyed. The fast cars were so noisy and some even had fire coming out of the exhaust. We also saw the trucks which was really awesome as well. It was extremely fun and I can’t wait for next year’s one.

By Mohammad N

I found the Adelaide 500 stylish, informative, interesting and fun. It was better than I had expected and I showed great interest in the old 70s cars. Fortunately, with my increasing hunger I spotted the words HOT JAM DONUTS and I eagerly bought two.

I really liked the main event of the cars racing, especially the Mazda. Overall, I believe I'll return to attend with my dad, as he'd be into it, and perhaps visit the show-rides.

By Miles B

Woolworths Earn & Learn Rewards

We have finally received our Woolworths Earn and Learn rewards!

Thank you all for supporting Eden Hills Primary. We were able to purchase 3 Sphero edu and a wearable technology starter pack. These will be used by our students in STEM.

School Fees

Materials and Services Fee invoices were sent home in January. These accounts are now overdue.

If you have not already done so, please ensure that payment is made ASAP.

If you are experiencing difficulties and wish to pay by instalments please contact Staff in the Front Office.

All School Card applications need to be lodged at school or online via the link below, under Education, Skills and Learning as soon as possible. (Forms B, F & M are available from the office.)


Exemption from school

If your child is going to be absent from school for 4 or more days in a row, you are required to get an exemption form. These can be obtained from the Front Office. Principal approval is required for this leave.

Student Absences

If your child is unwell, having a family day, will be late for school due to family reasons or has an early appointment, please send a text via 0427 016 460 (SMS only) or via the schoolzine app. If your child is late, please make sure you sign in at the Front Office prior to going to class; this will save you getting a text message from us asking for an explanation.

If your child misses…..

That equals…..

Over 13 years of schooling that’s…..

1 hour per week

7 days / 1½ weeks per year

Just under half a year

1 day per fortnight

20 days / 4 weeks per year

Nearly 1.5 years

1 day per week

40 days / 8 weeks per year

Over 2.5 years

2 days per week

80 days / 16 weeks per year

Over 5 years

Lost Property

We have a large amount of lost property in the SAC and in the Learning Street. Please have a look through it, as anything left with no name will be given to charity at the end of the Term 1. It is really important that you label all of your child’s items so that we are able to return them to the right owner.

School Dentist

Cyber Safety

Our next instalment of fact sheets to help navigate the World Wide Web for our kids!

Anzac Service Blackwood

The following Anzac services will be held in the local area.

  • ANZAC Vigil: From 6pm on Monday 24 April through to 6am on Tuesday 25 April at the Blackwood Soldiers War Memorial, Blackwood Roundabout.
  • ANZAC March: Leaves Brighton Parade Car Park at 6.15am on Tuesday 25th April ending at…
  • ANZAC Dawn Service: 6.30am on Tuesday 25 April at the Blackwood War Memorial, Blackwood Roundabout.

9am service at the Coromandel Valley Memorial, Weymouth Oval.
9am service at the Cherry Gardens memorial.

Community Notices


25 Oct 2022 - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

02 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

30 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM