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28 June 2018

Newsletter Articles

Student Professional Training & Development

On 15 June 2018 Lucy, Molly, Margie and I went in the office for a day. We all went into the meeting room with Heather and talked about the rules and what we were going to do. The first job was collecting all of the first aid bags from all the classrooms to refill them. Lucy and I went into Andrew’s office and played basketball. I am really HAPPY that we got to do this because I want to be a teacher when I grow up.


When I worked in the office I learned how to laminate paper and cut with a guillotine (paper cutter). I also did the dishes; I saved Jason because it was his turn. I also shot hoops in Andrew’s office, Andrew got them all in and I got 1. I was looking forward to this day for ages, it was so fun.


On 15 June 2018, Lucy, Ginger, Molly, Hannah and I worked in the school office for one day! It was a great experience, as we got to see how the school works! We took calls and helped people with whatever we could, we also took messages! One time, when it was my turn to answer the phone, Lucy and Rebecca prank-called me! We also did many other jobs; I think it was a wonderful experience!


When I worked in the office Molly, Margie and I stuck sticker name tags on the report envelopes. Then we swapped with Ginger and Lucy. I started laminating and cutting first aid cards for the teachers’ bum bags. Once I returned some of the bum bags it was recess. First Molly, Margie and I had phone duty, but the phone did not ring, later on I got to answer the phone twice. After recess I had piano for half an hour. When I got back I helped Lucy and Ginger to make a box for us to put the folders in and it was hard.


On the 15 June 2018 my friends, Lucy, Hannah, Ginger and Margie and I worked in the office for a whole day. First we talked to Heather about being confidential (which means private and classified). Hannah, Margie and I put stickers on the report envelopes while Ginger and Lucy used the guillotine and laminator. When we finished them, Hannah and I started filing the ‘Batch Releases’ and I think the day went really quickly.



Recently we completed our wellbeing bullying survey across the school. This survey enables students to report issues that have happened to them, to identify students who may be giving them concerns and to identify the types of behaviours they are encountering.

Ninety six percent of students reported that they are feeling good or ok and had no issues to report. Four percent of students across the school identified issues, with just one student requesting extra help to work through a current problem.

We are continually developing ways to be pro-active with supporting students who are experiencing issues at school. Beyond the current ways students can report issues, we now have a Bullying Report Form link that students can access, either at school on the intranet or at home on our website. This form can be completed and the information will automatically be emailed to the school leadership team and dealt with in a timely manner.


Further to this we have our school’s Anti-Bullying policy, behaviour development policy and also have a new and updated document titled ‘Is It Bullying?’ to help navigate the concerns around anti-social behaviours. All of these documents are located on our website.

Positive Parenting Seminar

We had a great turn out for the Positive Parenting Seminar and the feedback was very favourable. Parents commented that it affirmed already established practices at home and also provided helpful advice to implement with the family.

Thank you to Erin Clarke for her time and informative presentation!

Reconciliation Week

In Room 7 (Kat) & 8 (Ainslie) during Daily 5 – Word Work, students created Synonyms Aboriginal Flags. They had to find synonyms for ‘sorry’ and ‘reconcile’. This display is located in the Resource Centre.

Julie’s and Angela’s class created these Aboriginal Scratch Art pieces in a buddy session during Reconciliation Week. They tried to use traditional designs when working in pairs. The Art pieces are proudly displayed in the office.

Pedal Prix, SPEED’N EDEN Team’s First Race

On Sunday 17 June 2018, Eden Hills PS participated in one of the 6 hour Pedal Prix races. Starting at 10.00am, the AM session went from the start of the race to 1.00pm. The PM session went from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. I was in the morning session. My name is Sam and I am in grade 7. I had to start the race. It was a rolling start, which meant all the Pedal Prix cars had to follow a car for a lap on the track, and when you got to the start/finish line, the race started. It was rather competitive, but fun at the same time. The team spirit was brilliant, and the catering was fantastic. Everyone joined in and helped out. Out on the track, you were continuously setting goals to achieve and trying to set a fastest time. It was very well organised and overall a great event. We came 10th in our category of 63, and 77th overall (163 Pedal Prix cars).


Last Sunday we did the 6 hour race at Victoria Park. I had lots of fun because it was a team building sport and I made lots of new friends. I was on the AM racing team which meant we started the race off. When it was about to be my turn I was really nervous and then when I started to race I felt more and more comfortable. The first time I did a lap I got the fastest time, I was really happy and proud! On the day it was really quite cold but I still enjoyed myself!


On Sunday I went to Pedal Prix. When I got there I looked around, I was really nervous until I saw Drew and Milla and then I was less nervous. When I got to the tent I learnt what we had to do in the car. I went after Sam for my first go and I was really scared, I had to show my bracelet and beep the horn for the marshals. Every time I went a lap I got better and better. Hamish was going to be the last rider of the day but I was really lucky to do it because we had a lot of time left. At the end I got the checked flag. When I got to our pit area I was picked up and they carried me and put me down, it was really fun. I can’t wait to do it again.


A big THANK YOU to Besta & Besten in Norway for their generosity in sponsoring The Speed’n Eden Pedal Prix Team!

If you know someone, or are interested yourself, in becoming a sponsor please contact Mike or Chenoa for more details.
Michael Stevens (Eden Hills Pedal Prix Manager)
Email: mikes@jimstestandtag.com.au Mob: 0409766053
Chenoa Makris (Eden Hills Pedal Prix Fundraising Coordinator)
Email: chenoam@internode.on.net Mob: 0403437456

The Pedal Prix Team are putting out a request for any second hand riding shoes with cleats that you are willing to donate! We do have a collection but some of the students have to share and it makes things tricky with timetabling change overs etc. We would greatly appreciate it!

Last Day Term Two Early Dismissal

Reminder that the last day of Term 2 is an EARLY DISMISSAL!
2:15 pm Friday 6 July



Congratulations to Jayden, Lennox, Romeo and Sean on being selected in the Southern Heights Boys’ Soccer team to compete at the SAPSASA State Soccer Carnival.

The boys will be competing in week 9 (Monday 25 June - Friday 29 June) at Barratt Reserve, Adelaide Shores, West Beach.



If your child turns 5 any time from the May 1 2018 to April 30 2019, they will start their schooling at the beginning of Term 1, 2019.

To assist the school with classroom structures and staff deployment we need to have the names of any students who will be eligible to start school at the beginning of the new 2019 school year.

Please contact the school to get a Student Enrolment Application form and return the completed form to the office.

Fund My Neighbourhood Grant Update

Exciting News! The demolition and construction of our new playground will start next week on Thursday 5 July 2018. We anticipate a completion on July 24 weather permitting!


World Vision

WOW! The Students casual day raised $311.50 for our World Vision community in Laos.

Wine Orders

Thank you to all who purchased wine, collectively you raised $751.51
Keep watch next term for another opportunity to order.

2018 Spring Fair Photo Competition

In the lead up to the Spring Fair, we will be holding our biannual photo competition. This year’s theme is ‘OUR SEASONAL COMMUNITY’ so start photographing, or checking your older photos, for images that capture the beautiful ways that our community changes through the seasons. It could be creeks in flow, leaves changing colour, flowers in bloom, activities in the environment, or other views of our nearby world that capture the variations through the year.

So get your cameras or phones out now, or search through photos you’ve already taken! Each entry will require a $5 fee and if we have enough entries we hope to produce the fundraising calendar, as we did for the last two Strawberry Fairs.

More details will follow but feel free to contact Cath on info@cathleo.com.au or 0420 281 929 if you have any questions.

Attention NO Lunch Orders

Attention, there will be NO Lunch Orders the first day of Term 3
Monday 23 July

Mobile Phones

Students should only use their mobile phones before and after, and not during the school day. If a child or parent needs to make contact during the day, they must do it via the office.

Students are asked to hand in their phones to the office upon their arrival at school. The phones are kept in individual labeled bags and stored in a secure cupboard in the office. Only the owner of that phone is able to retrieve it at the end of the day.

Coffee Corner

  • Located in your Resource Centre
  • Open for business from 8.30am - 9.30am every morning and 2.30pm - 3.30pm some afternoons. (Keep an eye out for the sandwich board saying ‘We’re Open’ as times will vary according to class use of the Resource Centre.)
  • Brewed coffee - $1, tea/instant coffee - no charge
  • Come in for a quiet drink or a chat with friends, shelter from the weather, check out the lIttle free library while enjoying a cuppa, read the newspaper …
  • Preschool toys on hand!


As the temperature drops the kids are a little hungrier! We have noticed an increased number of students eating all their food at recess time and suggest packing a few extra healthy snacks.

School Exemptions

If you and your family are taking holidays during school time and it is going to be 3 or more days, you must complete a PRINCIPAL APPROVED APPLICATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM SCHOOL ENROLMENT form.

Please contact the office with your travel dates and we will provide you with the form to sign.

Community Notices

Eden Hills Kindy

Eden Hills Kindergarten is now accepting enrolments for 2019. If you have a child who turns 4 before May 1st, 2019, they are eligible to starts Kindergarten next January. Please phone 82783425 to make a time to visit the kindergarten and collect an information pack.

Seatbelts and Child Restraints

Wearing seatbelts is compulsory, not a choice, and seatbelt and child restraint laws apply in South Australia.

Drivers must ensure that they and any other passenger in the vehicle are wearing their seatbelt, regardless of their age. However, passengers are still accountable, as both drivers and passengers aged 16 years and over can be fined if they fail to wear a seatbelt.

Wearing a seatbelt can be a life or death decision – both for you and your passengers. Wearing a seatbelt doubles your chances of surviving a serious crash and nothing else offers the same level of crash protection for children as a properly fitted, approved child restraint.

The driver is responsible for ensuring all passengers are correctly restrained. Penalties include expiation fees and demerit points.

Please visit the mylicence website for more detailed information on seatbelt and child restraint laws.



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