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21 August 2018

Newsletter Articles

External School Review Report

During week 6 of last term we had our external school review take place where staff, students and parents had the opportunity to engage in the review process. It was a great experience which gave us the opportunity to evaluate our effectiveness and practices across the school in a rigorous and unbiased manner. All of the information was assessed and considered and a final report has been received. I met with our Education Director to discuss the findings and presented the final report at Governing Council last week. I am extremely pleased with the report we received, which is a credit to all members of the school community. In our debriefing meetings after the review, the review panel was very complimentary about the level of engagement and understanding our students have and how the staff are united and committed without any obvious tiers of hierarchy. The panel also commented on how informed, knowledgeable and invested the parents that were part of the process were and thanked everyone for their input.

I believe our report is an outstanding reflection of the school and am pleased with the directions we have been given. These directions will now become part of our improvement planning. We have been given a four year return with our next review occurring in 2022. The full report is available on our website under policies and documents.

Jason Munro

Pupil Free Day

Reminder that the Pupil Free Day is this Friday 24 August 2018
OSHC is available so please contact Dianne for bookings

Book Week


The sun protection policy must be in effect for school terms 1, 3 and 4 and whenever UV radiation levels reach 3 or above. All children are required to wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears, i.e. bucket, legionnaire or broad brimmed. Baseball or peak caps are NOT considered a suitable alternative.

We sell bucket hats in the office for $8. The broad brimmed and legionnaire hats can be purchased form department stores or specialist uniform shops.


Our new playground is scheduled to be inspected Thursday afternoon and if all is OK it will be open Friday!!!

The little playground outside of OSHC will take a bit longer as we have to wait for the ground to dry out before they lay the synthetic turf.

Helping Hands EHPS Disco

When: Thursday 13 September
Where: SAC
Time: 6.00pm-7.15pm (R – Yr 3 students)
7.30pm-9.00pm (Yr 4 - 7 students)
Cost $5- includes a drink plus a packet of plain chips or popcorn.

Tickets will be available soon!
Tickets can also be purchased on the night.

Teachers will supervise the event. Doors will be locked while the disco is on.

Clearance Sale

We are clearing our stock of plain coloured long and short sleeve uniform tops.
We have limited stocks, sizes & colours.
$15.00 each

Change of Address & Phone Numbers

A reminder to please let the front office know of any changes to family contact details should they occur. Email addresses and mobile phone numbers are particularly important as we have whole school contact lists for both forms of communication, allowing us to contact families in case of an emergency or for important reminders. It is also important to inform us of change of address for correspondence sent home (e.g. start of year packs).


The department has just released this cartoon to help explain to students, parents and others the importance of STEM learning:


STEM – what is it for?

SSO Recognition Week

Last week was SSO recognition week. The staff acknowledged the hard work and dedication of our support staff. We are very fortunate to have an expert and extremely caring team who have the school’s and children’s interests at heart. Thank you sincerely to Heather, Annie, Jo, Rebecca, Tracy, Perdita, Leanne, Trenna, Demi, Pamela, Adam, Neil and Dianne for everything they do.

Enrolments 2019

It is that time of the year when we start planning for classes and staffing for 2019. Knowing our numbers means we can keep class sizes to a minimum. Enrolment estimates are a key element in this planning. If your child/ren WILL NOT be attending our school next year (excluding the current Year 7s) please contact the school office as soon as possible.

If you intend for your child to commence school at Eden Hills Primary next year, and you haven’t yet done so, please contact the school so arrangements can be made to provide you with enrolment forms.

In addition, if you know people whose children are likely to start at our school please encourage them to contact us.

Book Stall

On Saturday 27 October, Rooms 1 and 2 are hosting a book stall for the Spring Fair and WE NEED BOOK DONATIONS! Any sort, from kid’s comics to adult novels, we’d love to have them in our stall. They can be second-hand or new; it does not matter, but please make sure they are in good condition.
Books can be donated outside the front office or Rooms 1 and 2.
Many thanks,
Rooms 1 and 2.


Pedal Prix

Once again the Pedal Prix, Speed’n Eden Team was amazing! They performed a Personal Best on Sunday 20 July in our latest 6 hour event at Victoria Park. They moved up from 10th to 6th place out of 67 in our category, 50th overall out of 156 which includes high school students up to year 12 and completed 127 laps!

Congratulations to Tim (1.58.50) & Kael (1.58.57) who successfully completed our fastest lap times.

The team cohesion and camaraderie was inspiring to watch and experience, a real credit to them, the school and their families.

The last Pedal Prix Race that Eden Hills Primary participated in was a six hour race. The Pedal Prix Race was held at Victoria Park in the city. It was a very fun, enjoyable and accelerating race. Everybody raced very well and was very supportive of our team. In our category, which is the year six and seven category, we came sixth, which is four places better than the last race and overall we came 50th, which is absolutely amazing , seeing as we were racing against high school students. Overall this was an incredible race and everybody raced fantastically and everybody, including everyone outside the racers, all did extremely awesomely.

By Mackenzie

This year I have been doing Pedal Prix for Eden Hills Primary. My experience with it has been amazing! All the people in our team are so nice and supportive; it has been great to work together along the way. I think my experience has been the best it can be. I think Pedal Prix is not just about racing it is about making new friends and making yourself stronger both mentally and physically!

By Hamish

SAPSASA Basketball

On the 25th July two teams represented Eden Hills PS in the SAPSASA Basketball Competition.

Boys Team

Girls Team















The Carnival was very competitive and the students represented the school well. They displayed great integrity and outstanding sportsmanship.

All the boys managed to score at least one goal each and won 2 out of the 6 games played. They showed great courage, respectfulness and resilience throughout the day. Thank you to all the parents /carers who took it in turns to score for each game.

The girls had some tough games but never gave up! Well done girls for playing as a team, supporting each other, and trying your best. Special thanks to Jo Butler for assisting us with scoring duties on the day.

Thank you to Liz and Nathan for coaching the teams!


Congratulations to both Tarcan and Diezel who competed in the SAPSASA District tryouts for golf. It was a modified course of 9 holes on front 9, at Flagstaff Hill Golf Course. Tarcan scored 67 and Diezel scored 59. Since Diezel scored under 60 he progressed through into the state finals, which will be held on 30 – 31 August at Adelaide Shores Golf Park.

Great effort boys!

History and Review

Community Notice


25 Oct 2022 - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

02 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

30 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM