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20 September 2018

Newsletter Articles


Congratulations to Kat Doupis and Sian McLaren for being appointed to Eden Hills Primary School in permanent positions. Kat has been a member of staff since 2016 and has skills in teaching R-7. Kat has led various aspects of the learning program and acted as deputy in a short term capacity. She has richly deserved her appointment to an ongoing classroom teaching role. Sian has been a part of Eden Hills PS since term 2. She has very quickly developed strong relationships with the students, and has them highly engaged in PE. Sian’s sporting qualifications and high level sporting achievements are outstanding and bring a professional aspect to PE. We are extremely pleased with their appointments.


On Friday 24 August we held our pupil free day at school. One of our parents, David Culpin, came in and presented to staff the STEM and engineering opportunities he could bring to classroom learning. David is an engineer in the Defence Industry, and is offering to work with classes in STEM based activities. Following on from David, Jason facilitated the rest of the day which comprised of the staff completing a review workshop on the Responding to Abuse and Neglect training which was recently undertaken, a focused session on our purpose based around the work of Simon Sinek, and working through the external school review report and associated directions. Finally we analysed the latest student and school data and what it meant for our practice. It was a worthwhile and very productive day.

Last Day Term 3 Early Dismissal

Reminder that the Last Day of Term 3, Friday 28 September is a 2:15pm Dismissal

Japanese Culture Day

Last Friday the whole school participated in a Japanese Culture Day. The students rotated through activities including sumo suits, origami, calligraphy, chop stick races, traditional toys and a movie. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves as the photos clearly show.

I liked today because of all the fun games and activities we did. My favourite ones were the sumo wrestling and the origami. Leah

School was different today because we got to do lots of Japanese activities. My favourite was the origami. Hugo

I have really enjoyed the whole thing because it was really cool learning the activities that the Japanese do. Laszlo

My favourite was the origami, if I could only use the sticky tape. Rosa

I really enjoyed the blossom tree calligraphy. It was relaxing and fun and I loved how mine turned out. Lilli

Today in general was a really fun day and I really wished that I had worn some Japanese style clothing. I actually really, really had fun. Henry

I like the chop stick race because I didn’t know how to use them and now I do. I liked the sushi as well. Claire

The Sumo wrestling was fun because we got to do it with our Big Buddies. Oliver

The cherry blossom art was fun because we could draw a tree or branch then add the blossoms. Amy

The sumo wrestling was fun because you get to wrestle each other and winning was tricky. Lucas

An outstanding effort by Elin and Kei in coordinating the event and a special thank you to Youko and Maki for facilitating the cherry blossom calligraphy art activity.

Eden Hills Helping Hands Disco

The Helping Hands planned our latest Disco. All the children had an amazing time and the new laser lights were a talking point. Well done team!

Thank You

A BIG thank you to Stewart Macintyre and Kerann Cooper for answering our call for help to move some dirt. We are very grateful for your efforts.

Book Week 2018 – Find Your Treasure

As a way of celebrating Book Week the classes were given a time to come to the Resource Centre and partake in 5 different activities:

  • Book tasting - helping to choose new Non-Fiction books for the Resource Centre
  • Can you name the B objects? - this competition is still open until the end of term and there are prizes to be won
  • Mosaic - each person had 10 stickers to add to a mystery mosaic which turned out to be hot air balloons
  • Rubik’s Cube hidden picture - everyone tried to match one side of their cube to a picture card so that when all the cubes were joined together it would make a picture
  • Making bookmarks

We also dressed up on the Wednesday, had an assembly and shared our costumes with our buddy classes. We had a lot of fun dressing up, doing the activities and helping the other classes do them too. It was a great learning experience and GREAT fun.

Hannah & Ruby (Year 6/7 Resource Centre team)

Book Week 2018 (Folder located in, Images & Attachments folder. Images to be displayed or rolling display.)


The Year 6/7 Resource Centre team did a wonderful job of running the Book Week activities. They were responsible (on time and fully prepared for their shifts), respectful (to those they were helping, to each other and to staff), resilient (working through the inevitable moments of boredom and frustration) and creative (quickly modifying activities to solve any problems that arose). Congratulations Mackenzie, Eve, Jemma, Hannah, Ruby, Amy, Milla, Will, Max and Matty!

Jo Mc (Resource Centre manager)

Blackwood Rec Centre Gymnastics Excursion

This week Room 1 and 2 attended an excursion to the Blackwood Rec Centre as part of their Sporting Schools Gymnastics Program. As seen in the photos the students had a great time trying new things, taking turns and listening to instructions.

Monarto Zoo

Room 5 and 6 got the opportunity to be Zoo Explorers at Monarto Zoo. As explorers we spent time investigating the habitats of living things and looking for signs of life. We collected an assortment of items from these habitats and classified them as living or non-living. We used our senses to see and touch animal skins and we were able to investigate the way animals adapt to suit their habitat. The animals were very active and we were able to observe many of their distinctive features while they were roaming around.

Kindy Visit

On Thursday 16 August Rooms 3 and 4 walked up to Eden Hills Kindy for a visit. It was a beautiful day for a walk once the rain had passed! When we arrived we had a play in the playground and then joined the Kindy as they had a special guest. Trent is an Aboriginal educator who spoke to us about The Dreaming, taught us some Aboriginal language and showed us some artefacts. We then went down to the bush block where he showed the students how to make fire and talked about local tucker and uses of the local trees. The children were really engaged and enjoyed visiting their old Kindy!

Memorial Garden Project

The green team worked with Camille from the NRME (Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) to develop a plan for the memorial garden. The students visited the State Flora Centre and purchased bush tucker plants. On Thursday the green team planted the bush tucker plants with guidance from Camille and Rob. The green team will be doing a presentation about their project at Pilgrim PS later in the term.

Mandala Art Workshop

Rooms 7, 8, 11 and 12 participated in a Mandala Art Workshop this term and some of their amazing designs are on display in the front office.

SAPSASA Athletics

37 students went to Santos Stadium to compete in the Southern Heights District Athletics Day on Wednesday 22 August. The students tried their best and performed really well. A group of students won ribbons for coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Room 1




Long Jump

Shot Put

100m, 800m

Room 11
















100m, 200m, Long Jump

High Jump

High Jump, 800m, Discus


Shot Put

200m, Shot Put, Discus

200m, 800m

800m, High Jump


100m, 200m, Shot Put

Long Jump

Long Jump

Shot Put, Long Jump, Discus

High Jump, Shot Put


Room 2







100m, 800m, High Jump

100m, High Jump

Room 7







200m, 800m



100m, 200m, Long Jump

100m, 200m

100m, 200m

Room 8









Zsu Zsu


Long Jump


800m, High Jump



Long Jump, Discus

Shot Put

Long Jump

Shot Put, Discus

High Jump

Congratulations to the following athletes who were selected into the Southern Heights SAPSASA athletics team - Alex, Sean, Romeo, Sophie, Gemma and Maddie.

Athletics Para Classifications

There is a Free National Classification for All Athletes (8 years or older) with a physical impairment who wish to compete in Athletics (including School Athletics Carnivals). The Classification will take place in Adelaide on Saturday 20 October and will be held same day as the SA All Schools Games. (You do not need to be competing to attend our Classification opportunity).

To register for classification please follow the link below:


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 03 8646 4577.

Rory Herd | Para Classification Coordinator | Athletics Australia

State Irish Dancing Competition 2018

It was with great excitement and fear that I participated in the 50th Irish Dancing State competition on 4 - 5 August 2018. Such competition brings dancers (boys and girls) from all over the State of South Australia to group up and perform in different age groups, solo and team Irish dances.

This year, I have enjoyed dancing the Slip Jig, the Treble Jig and my set dance ‘the Hunt’. Coming sixth overall, with an injured ankle, gave me a sense of achievement. My goal for next year is to place on the podium and to do that, I will train harder and learn more complex moves.



On Sunday 26 August I competed in a level 6 under 12 gymnastics state competition. I was extremely nervous but I powered through and I placed! I ended up getting 3rd on vault, 2nd on bars, 1st on floor and 1st overall so I am the State Division Winner! I got a huge glass trophy and 3 heavy medals. I am so happy about how I did.



Spring Fair is just around the corner so Rooms 3 and 4 are collecting clean toys now for our stall. Please ensure donated toys are working and have all their pieces. Please bring donations down to our room or to the Learning Street. We will ask for parent volunteers to come in and help students sort and price the toys closer to the event. Thanks

Jackie and Michelle

Crockery Smash

The Crockery Smash needs lots and lots of crockery.... to ensure its smashing success! Crockery can be dropped off at a local Eden Hills house. Call Kerann on 0402 467 884 for details.

Keep the Date

Remembrance / Special Persons’ Day
Friday 9 November 2018

Lost Property

Once again our lost property pile is growing!
Come and check in the SAC and the Learning Street to see all the items collected.
PLEASE label your child’s clothing to help us return lost clothing to the right owner.

Vacation Care October School Holidays

Knitting Classes

In Term 4 there will be after school classes for any students that want to learn how to knit. The day of the week is to be confirmed and there will only be space for 8 students. If your child is interested please contact Anell Minton 0414163801 ASAP.


Want To Help Your Child With Their Learning?

The Australian Government has established a Learning Potential Portal. Here you will be able to access articles and resources on a child’s learning development. There is also a Learning Potential App that you can download.

Click the link below for further information.


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