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15 November 2018

Newsletter Articles

Spring Fair

A massive thank you and congratulations goes to the Spring Fair Collective for the work they did in organising the fair. This was not a small task by any means and one that took coordination and time. The new model was received well, we had a fantastic turn out, and it was a great day and a great result. Most pleasing was the enterprise learning that the students were involved in. The Spring Fair Enterprise was written into our curriculum and became a learning focus where all the students got to be part of the whole process from initial ideas through to marketing and sales. This was an outstanding aspect of the fair and certainly gives us something to build upon in 2020. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to make the day the success it was. It was another showcase of the Eden Hills Community coming together.

Remembrance / Special Persons Day

When the bell went one of the army officers went around to all the classes and talked to the kids for a bit. At the ceremony there were 2 guest speakers, Rob from the Air Force and Nicholas from the Army. Joel, who is on leave from the Navy, played the last post. I think that the ceremony went really well. Jess cut the ribbon for the opening of the playground and the Nottle-Justice Family cut the ribbon for the memorial garden. Everyone was respectful and listened to the speakers. There were also lots of grandparents and other special guests that came to watch


Thank you to Drew for attending the Blackwood RSL Remembrance Day Service on Sunday 11 November and laying a wreath on behalf of Eden Hills Primary School.

Coles Sporting Equipment

Our Coles Sporting equipment has finally arrived. The students have been playing with the new materials, competing against each other and Sian, in fun sports like hockey and netball. We were lucky enough to get some portable steel frame multi-use goals, netballs, hockey sticks and pucks as well as badminton rackets and shuttlecocks.

Thank you for all your support with collecting the vouchers and helping our school obtain new sporting equipment!

World Teachers Day

Our school celebrated World Teachers Day with a delicious morning tea, to say a huge thank you to our amazing teachers. We are very lucky to have our extremely supportive and enthusiastic teaching staff that make significant contributions in the classroom and school community. Well done TEAM!

Room 7 & 8 State Parliament House Excursion

On Wednesday 31 October my class and I went to SA Parliament House. We met a very nice guy called Sam Duluk, he showed us around. I really liked the visit because it was interesting when he told us about the history of the Parliament House. My favourite part was when we were able to act like we were people who had arguments about subjects and we got to sit on the seats in the Upper and Lower House. I learned a lot of things like who the previous premiers were and who is really important to this state. This excursion was definitely one of a kind, it was really fun and interesting


Room 8 went to the State Parliament House and it was so good! We got to meet Sam Duluk (MP for Waite). It was also really cool because the parliament house is the biggest building I’ve ever been in, it never ends! I recommend EVERYONE to go the Parliament House if you like South Australia as a state.


I learned about the Old Parliament House because of this excursion. I was wondering how much the rare book collection is worth because the library guy said there were 100s of books. Now I know that there is lower and upper house that use different weapons. The upper house uses the black staff and the lower house uses the mace. The mace is made out of solid gold which is really cool. All in all I definitely recommend you to go there. It is great for learning, really great fun and is very interesting.


On the Thursday 1 November Room 7 went to Parliament House as part of our civics and citizenship studies. This experience has taught me about the upper house, the lower house and much more. This is important because I now know and understand why politics is important. I also know why democracy and fair politics can lead to a good country which is important because a good country is a safe country!


Room 11’s Aussie Backyard Bird Count

On the morning of Friday 26 October, Room 11 did a 20 minute Aussie Backyard Bird Count to survey what birds call Eden Hills Primary School home. About half the class volunteered to take part in the count and those people were split up into 3 groups. The groups were each given a specific part of the school to survey, and in total we counted 13 species and 52 individual birds inside the school grounds. Everyone who took part in the count said that they had fun counting the birds and using the app.

The 2018 Aussie Backyard Bird Count was held from October 22-28, and Birdlife Australia achieved their goal of counting more than 2 million individual birds. If you would like to take part in the 2019 count visit the Aussie Backyard Bird Count website to find out more or download the app.

Volunteers Morning Tea

Eden Hills Primary School is thankful for all the support it receives from parents and the community. From those who assist in the classroom, volunteer support in the Resource Centre, our wonderful Literacy Support team, Kick Start who provide our Breakfast Club and Mentor program, our fantastic uniform shop volunteers and to those who assist with our school sports… the list could continue to go on. Without all of this support we could not achieve what we do. We appreciate every single piece of support we get from our wonderful parents and community.

It is very difficult to really express the thanks we have for the support we receive, but something small we can do is invite everyone who has volunteered in the school this year to attend a


WHEN: Wednesday 12 December at 9 am
WHERE: the Sports Art Centre (SAC)

Join us for an Assembly including a choir performance followed by Morning Tea.
We would love to see you there
so the staff at Eden Hills PS can personally thank you!

Note, due to parking difficulties, some of you might like to catch the train a couple of stops either side of the Eden Hills Train Station
and then have a very short walk to the school.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Wanting some Christmas gift ideas?
What a wonderful way to spread the Christmas cheer!
These stunning products were made by our very talented students
and school community.

Greeting cards - Packs of 12 designer cards for $8 (created by Room 5 & 6)
Calm Colouring in books - $1 each (created by Room 5 & 6)
Eden Hills Primary School 2019 Calendar - $10 each or 3 for $25
Come and see our display in the Front Office.

The Christmas Giving Tree

Eden Hills Primary School will again be assisting the local Lions Club
in supporting families in need in our local community.

We ask that next time you go shopping, you purchase a non-perishable item of food and/or a toy to place under the Giving Tree in the Office.

The SRC Executive members will talk to all of the classes
about the purpose of the tree.

The Lions Club will collect the items from school
on Thursday 6 December.

We thank you for your assistance in helping us help those in need in our local community.

Thank you for supporting School Banking

We would like to thank all of our students who have taken part in the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program this year. Not only does the program reward children for saving regularly, it is also a great fundraiser for our school.

Our final School Banking day for 2018 will be Tuesday 6 December. If you wish to order a reward item for your child this year please ensure that your redemption slip is filled in and returned prior to this date. Any tokens that have not been redeemed this year can be used in 2019.

Reminder School Lunches Changes for 2019

Blackwood High School canteen will no longer be using Munch Monitor for their online ordering service in 2019. They will be changing to QKR. At this stage we just need to make you aware that there will be changes so DON’T put large amounts into your current Munch Monitors account. You WILL NOT be refunded for any credit you have left in your account at the end of 2018.

Reminder NO Lunch Orders Week 9, (last week Term 4) 2018


We are reminding parents that it is not safe to have dogs on school grounds while children are in attendance and are requesting dogs not be brought on to school grounds between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm. We have recently placed signs around the school grounds to help the public to be aware. Child safety will always remain our highest priority.

The relevant legislation regarding dogs is: section 45A (2) of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.

A person who owns or is responsible for the control of a dog is guilty of an offence if the dog (not being an accredited disability dog, guide dog or hearing dog) is in, or in the grounds of a school, kindergarten, child care centre or pre-school centre without the permission of the person in charge of that place.

The person in charge is the Principal or Director.

Bushfire Information

Our Bushfire Action Plan is on the school website. Please check it carefully. This term we will be involved in a drill to practice what we would do in case of a bushfire in the local area. This also helps us to identify any issues and improve our procedures. Please remember that on days deemed to be “Catastrophic” by the CFS, the site will be closed.

It is also VITAL that you let us know of any change in contact details, particularly mobile phone numbers, as we will use our SMS messaging service to contact families in an emergency. If you do not have a mobile phone please alert the office to arrange an alternative method of contact.

On a high risk day in the Mount Lofty Ranges we advise you to follow your family bushfire plan.

Sun Protection Policy

The sun protection policy must be in effect for school terms 1, 3 and 4 and whenever UV radiation levels reach 3 or above. All children are required to wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears, i.e. bucket, legionnaire or broad brimmed. Baseball or peak caps are NOT considered a suitable alternative.

We sell bucket hats in the office for $8. The broad brimmed and legionnaire hats can be purchased form department stores or specialist uniform shops.


Have you heard of Schoolzine?

Schoolzine is mobile friendly, accessible on all devices and provides seamless integration with the Eden Hills Primary School newsletter. It accesses online forms including absentee lodgement and any correspondence sent home. You can check out important dates on our dynamic calendar including event RSVPs.

Vacation Care Program

Blackwood High School

Blackwood High School's Parent/Caregiver Information Night and Transition Day for 2019 Year 8 students.

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