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28 February 2019

Newsletter Articles

Busy Start To The Year

As part of our external review in 2018, some parents suggested that they would like to hear more about the things that have been happening at the leadership level of Eden Hills PS. There have been some exciting things happening so we take this opportunity to share some of them with you.

This year Andrew is undertaking a Future Leaders course which will focus on the more in depth role of a school leader. Andrew has been identified as a future principal and this is a great lead in course.

Jason completed the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership degree in 2018. This was completed through the recognition of prior learning pathways. Jason was invited to present to the current group of participants at the Education Development Centre on the unit which focuses on applied research.

Jason also presented at a workshop titled ‘A game plan to school improvement’ to other school leaders at the Education Leaders Day at the Convention Centre. Our partnership Education Director, Richard Costi, was part of the workshop. Jason was invited to present as a leader of a school which has achieved continual improvement. This was a great opportunity to showcase the wonderful work we are doing at Eden Hills.

The Chief Executive, Rick Persse, visited our school on Tuesday 12 February and got to see our junior classes in action. Jason got to spend time with Rick to discuss the successes and improvements within our school and the Department. Rick was very impressed with the students and school overall. It is pleasing to know that Eden Hills PS is recognised as a highly collaborative and quality school.

Andrew’s skills in his IT leadership were again recognised and he was invited to undertake the Primary Principal Consultant role in the roll out of the Education Management System. Whilst this was great recognition, Andrew made the decision to keep focusing on school based leadership and maintaining his involvement with the Eden Hills community.

Our school is part of the Mitcham Hills Partnership. This partnership is comprised of leadership staff from Eden Hills PS, Coromandel Valley PS, Blackwood PS, Bellevue Heights PS, Hawthorndene PS, Belair PS, Blackwood HS, Eden Hills Kindy, Belair Jean Bonython Kindy, Blackwood Kindy, Coromandel Valley Kindy and Hawthorndene Kindy. The district leadership team of Education Director, Early Childhood Leader and Principal Consultant form the remainder of the partnership. Jason will once again be the Chairperson of the Mitcham Hills Partnership in 2019. The partnership has a review later in the term where the site leaders will present to a panel from the Department on our directions and achievements. The Mitcham Hills Partnership is one of the leading partnerships in the state. Partnership work is very important because it allows sites to collaborate and align priorities. There are four priorities that we have as part of our partnership action plan: continuity of learning from preschool to school, strengthening intellectual stretch in learning, moderation of learning and developing teacher skills in numeracy.

As an extension to the partnership, Primary sites are working in groups to implement the Learning Design and Moderation priority (LDAM). Eden Hills PS will be working with Blackwood PS and Hawthorndene PS this year and our staffs will combine at various times throughout the year. The primary sites also have a SLLIP (Senior Leader Learning Improvement Primary), who is based at Hawthorndene PS, available to support teaching and learning. We are fortunate to have a high quality SLLIP to assist us.

We have started the work on Cultures of Thinking with Simon Brooks. Simon is an educator, researcher and developer in Cultures of Thinking and is based in the UK. Our first Pupil Free Day was focused on thinking routines and how to engage students in developing deeper thinking. This was an outstanding day and evidence of this work has already started in the classrooms. Simon is working with primary schools in our partnership and further afield. He will be returning in term 2 for our second Pupil Free Day.

Kellie is working in the site based coordinator role again in 2019. She will be building on the work she started in 2018 and will also be leading the Brightpath program in writing. Jason and Kellie attended the first training day and Marilla and Sam will be joining in for the second day. Our school has 3 priorities in our Site Improvement Plan which are improving writing through Brightpath, improving numeracy through multi step questioning and improving authentic student agency in learning. We have established staff professional learning communities around these. Kellie is leading the writing, Andrew the numeracy and Jason the student agency PLCs. We are really lucky to have our teachers and SSOs working together in teams. This ensures all of our priorities are planned together, taught together, implemented together and moderated together for consistency and all the students get the full benefit of the programs. Furthermore, the students don’t just have one teacher to go to, they get a team to support them in their learning.

Eden Hills PS Leadership Team

2019 Governing Council

The Annual General Meeting was held in the Resource Centre on Wednesday 20 February. The 2018 Annual Report was presented by Jason and will be available on our website in the coming weeks. Jason also presented a principal’s report outlining the direction of the school which aligns to the Mitcham Hills Partnership Plan and the Department for Education Strategic Directions. Matthew Cheshire presented the chairperson’s report, Anita McStay presented the finance report and Jason Munro presented the OSHC report. Nominations were received for new Governing Council members and were all accepted. The office bearers were appointed at the first meeting which immediately followed the AGM. The Governing Council for 2019 consists of 15 members (13 parents and 2 staff).

2019 Governing Council Members:

Matthew Cheshire (Chairperson), Katrina Webb (Deputy Chairperson), Anita McStay (Treasurer), Jen Lush (Secretary), Mike Stevens (Sports Committee), Katrina Webb (OSHC Committee), Craig Lauritsen, Taara Reedman, Cuan Davis, Stephen Gyau-Awuah, David Lister, Katie-Alice Schubert, Leanne Christinat, Kerrin Rowlands, Jason Munro (Principal) and Stew Nancarrow (Staff Rep).

Thank you to our retiring Governing Members for all your support and commitment, Nina Sivertsen, Bec Jones, Rohan Richards, Jason Dohse and Jane Harris.

Thank you to our Governing Council parents and staff for committing your time to represent our school and congratulations on being appointed.


Next term the Year 3, 5 and 7 students are completing the NAPLAN test between 14 May and 24 May. An information package was sent home with the participating students. If you did not receive it you can access it via the ‘Correspondence Sent Home’ tab on the Schoolzine App or the EHPS web site.


Premier's Reading Challenge

If you haven’t been down to the Resource Centre recently you should pop in to witness the gradual reveal of our wonderful new Premier’s Reading Challenge artwork. The hugest of thanks goes to Dominique Bekiarian who has once again shown such generosity in sharing her creative talents and time. Love your work Dominique!

Students remove 2 stickers when they complete their Challenge. Check the next newsletter for a photo showing their progress!

Student Information

A pink student information sheet was sent home in the information pack. Please check the information, make any changes required and send to the Front Office as soon as possible, along with the permission forms.

Registrations Are Now Open For Sports in Term 2 & 3

Please complete online registration form below or follow the links from the Eden Hills Primary School website.


Sports Committee

Breakfast Club

Eden Hills Primary School Breakfast Club

Toast/ Milo/ Yoghurt/ Fruit

Who: everyone welcome
When: Wednesdays 8.30am
Where: Stem Room

Donations of Milo, jam and honey gratefully received

School Fees and Camp

A BIG thank you to all parents who have paid school fees. A friendly reminder that School fees are due by the end of February and take note that camps are fast approaching!

  • Wood House Camp Year 3-5 in March
  • Narnu Camp Year 1-2 in March
  • Canberra Year 6- 7 in September

School Card

The School Card Scheme provides assistance for education expenses for full time students of low income families. Dependants of international students are not eligible. For more information go to the web site below or get an application form from the Front Office staff.


Mobile Phones

Please be reminded that students are not permitted to have mobile phones at school. If they do need a phone for walking to and from school, they will need to leave it at the office at the beginning of the day and collect it at the end of the day.

Parking Around School Zones

Mitcham Council continually monitors schools to enforce parking zones and restrictions to ensure the safety of students. By parking appropriately when you drop your children off to school, you can help to ensure there is no danger to students and avoid traffic congestion around schools.

Parking restrictions at and near schools to provide a safer environment for children may include:

No Stopping Zones

You must not stop your vehicle in a no stopping zone or on a solid yellow line.

No Parking Zones

You must not leave your vehicle parked or unattended. You may stop in a No Parking zone to immediately pick up or set down your child and drive off as soon as possible.

Continuous White Centre Line

If a road has a continuous white centre line, there must be 3 metres between the vehicle and the white line.

School Crossing

You cannot stop within 20 metres of the approach side or 10 metres of the departure side of a school crossing.

Speed Limits

There is a speed limit of 25kph, designated by the signs and a zigzag line, any time when children are present or when the lights are flashing.


Helpful tips when using the QKR App to order your child’s school lunch on Mondays and Fridays:

Ice Blocks

A reminder we have ice blocks available every Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtime for 50 cents each. The Helping Hands sell them from the benches next to the SAC and OSHC Buildings.

School Dental

School Banking

History and Review

Community Notices


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