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25 March 2019

Newsletter Articles


Aquatics was an amazing experience. I honestly didn’t think much of it when I was on the bus, on my way to my first day of aquatics, but as soon as I caught my first wave on a boogie board, I fell in love. Every day at aquatics was just more and more fun. It was an experience I would recommend to all, even if you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, have a go, it’s worth it.


I think aquatics is a fun and a great experience to get out the classroom. Aquatics isn’t just about going to the beach it’s about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone.

Aquatics can make you face challenges that you haven’t seen before like if you chose surfing you might fall off a bunch but you eventually get the hang of it.

One bad thing about aquatics is that if you choose an activity that the weather decides if you do it or not but you can be lucky so choose something you haven’t done before or something you’ve never even heard of so I hope you let your year 6-7 join in on the fun (Its great!)


Year 3 – 5 Wood House Camp

On week 7 of Term 1, the year 3 – 5 students went to Woodhouse Camp. There were many things to do from mazes, where you needed to find dead ends, to sliding down hills in tubes. Challenge Hill had lots of obstacles that made us use our thinking skills as well as our physical skills. We learnt how to build a fire and what to use when building a hut in Survivor. Did you know you can make a fire with a battery and steel wool?

The Woodhouse Camp was a fun and enjoyable experience for all the children that went.


A BIG Thank You for the parent support, camp wouldn’t happen without YOU!

Wacky Hair Day

Thank you to all the students who participated in the ‘Wacky Hair Day’ fundraiser. Below is just a snap shot of the weird and wonderful creations the children came up with. A special mention to Taylor who committed whole heartedly to the World’s Greatest Shave challenge. We combined the schools tally to Taylor’s efforts and together we raised $429.25 for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Harmony & World Down Syndrome Day

Harmony Day

Harmony day is where you wear orange on the 21st of March. We wear orange because orange is the colour that represents respect, kindness and social communication. It is also about valuing people no matter where they come from. No matter where you come from or what you look like, if you make people feel welcome we all belong. On Harmony day we all play games from different countries with our buddies. We also read stories about acceptance.

World Down Syndrome Day

On World Down Syndrome Day we wear odd socks as chromosomes are shaped like socks and people with Down syndrome have an odd number of chromosomes. On Down Syndrome Day we talk about what Down syndrome means. We celebrate the achievements of people with Down syndrome.

Jada & Kate

SAPSASA Swimming

I found the SAPSASA Swimming Trials very exciting as it was quite chaotic and it was nerve racking. I am glad that I went as it gave me an opportunity to push myself and to meet new people. I would definitely recommend it to people who love swimming and I assure you that you will not regret it.


Congratulations to our students who competed in the Southern Heights SAPSASA Swimming Trials Friday evening March 1st

Year 5

Ethan, Lincoln & Tarcan

Year 6

Amelie, Ella, Margie, Robbie & Taylor

Year 7

Diezel & Drew

The team was amazing and all managed and to match or better their PB. Diezel won 1st in three events, Tarcan came 2nd in two events and Drew and Ethan came 3rd in one event each. It was very hot with lots of delays leading to a very late night and the students were very resilient and determined, they showed great pride in representing Eden Hills Primary School.

Congratulations to Diezel and Drew who both qualified to represent the Southern Heights Swimming Team on the 28th March.

Climate Change

On Friday the 15th of March my family and I went to the student strike for climate change. There were over 6000 other students and adults there marching for Australia and our planet. We met at Parliament House and walked up King William Road, which had been closed for the march, to Victoria Square. I think it is important to go to these strikes because climate change is real! I know some people think it is not real! It is up to us as future adults to talk about these things so that we can make a difference.


Here at Eden Hills we have a great environment and we should all work towards keeping it that way. I have been involved in the Green Team at school which helps to keep the grounds clean and healthy. I am also part of the 10c recycling club and which raises funds to put towards our grounds. Outside of the school I have been involved in activities which help to stop climate change and to stop oil mining in the Great Australian Bight. I really enjoy helping out at Greybox Day which is an annual event that helps to restore the native plants in our area.


I believe climate change is one of the biggest threats to our generation and other generations to come. I believe this as we learnt in class that if the world temperature rises by 2 degrees Celsius, many plants and animals will be wiped out causing further problems in food chains. Another problem that will occur will be that there will be more natural disasters such as heatwaves, fires, floods, tornados etc. We can help to reduce this by being aware of things like how to correctly recycle clothes, batteries, plastics etc., cutting down on car use, using power and air-conditioning wisely and turning things off in our homes. We can also try and stop massive fossil fuel projects such as the Adani mine.


Grip Leadership Conference

The student leadership team recently went to the GRIP conference at the Entertainment Centre. At the conference, we did a bunch of really fun activities and the people that were a part of the GRIP leadership team, taught us a lot of important things about leadership and being the best leader we can. We got a booklet and it had activities about leadership that we filled in with the GRIP Leadership team. There was also a lot of really fun games that the GRIP Leadership team led, they would pick participants from the audience and they would bring them up on stage and do a fun game. Altogether, the GRIP conference was really fun and educating and I think that it’s worthwhile and a really great experience.

Sarah & Mackenzie

On Thursday a group of students went to the Adelaide entertainment centre for the GRIP student leadership conference.

The first activity we did was “Like a Leader” and we had to find different people around the room from different schools, who had done things like: ride a horse like Joan of Arc, name all the planets like Neil Armstrong and been overseas like Amelia Earhart.

We learned what core character traits a good leader has which are empathy, others focused, reliability and confidence with humility, about making a difference to you team, school and society and that leadership is about people not position or power.

It was really fun and we learned a lot but it was too loud! Even when it got turned down.

Amy and Aurelia

On Thursday the 21st of March a group of students went to GRIP leadership conference at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. We learnt about the four character traits of a leader, they are C= confidence with humility, O= others focused, R= reliability, E= empathy.

The next thing we did was we watched 4 movie clips and had to write down answers for them. One of the leaders came up behind me (Brittany) and to me to come up on stage and share my answer with everyone, I also got a badge that said the people pathway which means your pathway to becoming a great leader. GRIP stands for Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity and People.

Brittany and Phoenix

On Thursday the 21st of March the panel travelled to the entertainment centre for the GRIP student leadership conference. The GRIP staff gave as a lot of advice about leadership such as the 4 CORE traits of the being a leader (Confidence with humility, others focused, reliability, and empathy). They also gave advice about how a leader can help the school and the community to improve. There was also a fun aspect that we had once each session, they were known as the loud noise boys, we played really fun games with them this was helpful to us as we needed a break after all the sitting and learning we had done.

Dhruv and Mo.


Lego Club

Hi, my name is Lincoln and I am the Lego club manager. Lego club is in the library at lunch time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. There are 3 mats and 1 Lego box on each mat. 16 people can now build at once.

Come and let your imagination run wild with Lego!!!!!

Coding Club

At coding club we teach younger people to code, we offer many platforms including: Scratch, Makers Empire, code.org and any other coding platform you may suggest to us. We use the STEM laptops but we also give the option of using LEGO mindstorms, arduinos, hydraulics, and more. You will find us in the STEM room (RM 9) on Fridays at lunchtime.

Wilfred and Max, the managers.

Board Game Club

Hi, we are the Board Game Club Managers and we are here to tell you about Board Game Club!

  • What we do: Teach you how to play board games, like Chess and if you know how to play then you can play board games with friends!
  • Where we do it: The Library/Resource Centre.

  • When we do it: Thursday Lunchtimes, except days when the Library/Resource Centre are closed.

See you there,

Max and Dhruv, the Board game Club Managers

Book Club

Book club will be held every Friday lunch in the library for all ages. In book club we encourage everyone to read books and we help people to write reviews. Younger children can choose to draw pictures or explain their books to us so we can help write a review.

Book club manages Ella and Margie

Helping Hands Lunchtime Activities Club

Every Wednesday at lunch time, the helping hands managers hold a fun activity for all ages in the S.A.C. (sports art centre), such as face painting, craft, and parachute. The activity for week 9 will be obstacle course, week 10 will be face painting, and week 11’s activity will be skipping.

From Jess and Aurelia, your helping hands managers

Green Team Club

If you are interested in helping to clean up the school and help the environment, then you should come along to Green Team. Green Team is held in front of the Green Team shed (under the SAC deck) every Thursday at Lunch. Hope to see you there.

By Miles, Matthew, Sidney and Milla, your Green Team Managers

Ice Blocks Club

Just a reminder that ice blocks are being sold on Tuesday and Thursday lunches on the bench by the OSHC. Just for clarification they are 50c per ice block and the maximum that each student can buy is 4.We hope to see you there!

Kind regards the ice block managers, Ruben and Sarah

Recycling Club

In EHPS we do paper recycling. Some of the year 6/7 will come down to the other classes to collect the paper recycling bins to put in the big ones. Then we will put them up one the road to be collected by the truck. We will be collecting them on Friday after lunch.

From the paper recycling managers Hamish and Phoenix

Resource Centre Club

In the Resource Centre, you can borrow books, and your child can attend clubs such as Lego club, book club and board game club. Your child can also enter some amazing competitions to have a chance to win a book voucher or a book, so keep an eye out on some up and coming competitions. On top of that, there is a playgroup held on Fridays for younger children on which don’t attend the school. If you are an adult that wishes to borrow books from the library, located in the Resource Centre, then go see Jo and she can create an account so that you can also borrow books.

Regards Breanna and Brittany the Resource Centre managers

Thank you

A BIG THANK YOU to Kerann Cooper for donating her piano to the school!
The students are going to love it!

Belair Fun Day

Early Departure

Reminder Early Dismissal 1:15pm from Belair National Park.

Those students returning to school or going to OSHC will catch the train back to school with staff for a 2:15pm dismissal.

Vacation Care

Head Lice

Head lice are most common in children in primary school aged 5-12. A head lice infestation can be passed around by innocent hugs and close play. They don’t spread by sharing hats, brushes or hair ties because head lice cannot survive more than 24 hours away from the warmth of the scalp.

Below you can find further information for Head Lice Prevention and Treatment.

Student Absences

Parents are asked to notify the school by 9:00am if their child is going to absent or late. It is helpful knowing if the absence is for illness or family reasons as this information is required for Department statistics. You can notify the school by the following methods.

If arriving late the parent must sign their child / children in at the office on the electronic system and collect a pink late arrival card and hand it to their child’s teacher.

If leaving early the parent must sign their child / children out on the electronic system in the office and collect a blue early departure card before collecting their child form the classroom.

If we don’t have any information regarding a student’s absence you will receive a text message that morning stating that your child has an unexplained absence. You need to contact us to let us know the reason. If you fail to inform us you will receive another text message eight days later.


Another helpful tip when using the QKR App to order your child’s school lunch on Mondays and Fridays:

Lost Property

This is a good opportunity for students and parents to have a look through our mountain of lost property before Term 1 ends. We have two areas to check, the learning Street (JP exit near the library) and the SAC, Sports Art Centre. Happy Hunting!

Pupil Free Day

Reminder Pupil Free Day Wednesday, 8th May (2nd week back Term 2)
Please contact Di – 0401121190 to make a booking for that day.

Pedal Prix Fundraiser

The students of our ‘Speed’n Eden Pedal Prix Team are fundraising by selling Spalding High Bounce Balls at a stall before and after school next week, Wednesday 3rd April and Thursday 4th April for $3 each.

History and Review

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