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30 May 2019

Newsletter Articles

Pupil Free Day With Simon Brooks

Simon Brooks is an Education Consultant currently based in the UK who works closely with the Harvard School of Education to create a culture of thinking within schools around the world. The staff at EHPS were lucky enough to share two days with Simon in 2019. The first was in early Term 1 and the second was in week 2 of this term.

Simon invited us to reflect on what we are already doing well in regards to engagement, and offered new thinking, strategies and approaches to help us refine our practice. Staff were exposed to new ways of deepening engagement and critical thinking in our students (as we were cast into the role of students for the day) and the day left the staff feeling optimistic and recharged.

The overall feedback from staff was that the two sessions have been overwhelmingly successful and worthwhile. Simon has a fantastic approach to education and he has certainly passed the torch onto our staff. He has even invited staff from EHPS to continue their development in this area by doing external courses through Harvard School of Education!

We appreciate these fantastic opportunities to reflect on our teaching and believe that the benefits will be evident in our practice!

Dream BIG Children’s Festival Opening Event

Last Wednesday, 22 May, our fabulous Festival of Music Choir was part of this year’s Dream Big Opening Event. On that glorious autumn day, 33 of our students from years 5-7 made their way to the Central Plaza of the Adelaide Oval to be part of ‘The Mighty Choir of Small Voices’, and sing, We’re All in This Together. Congratulations to all students, with everyone’s conduct being exemplary.

The Dream Bear was an impressive addition to the festivities, and came and nudged one of us as we waited for the proceedings to begin.

Audrey Mason-Hyde (13 years old) gave the opening address about the importance of an arts education. She is a very interesting young Adelaide student – worth checking out online.

The last item was a performance by the acclaimed ‘Electric Fields’ – a music duo from Adelaide comprising Zaachariaha Fielding (who sings in Pitjantjatjara) and Michael Ross. After placing second at the SBS Eurovision: Australia Decides, this duo is destined for much bigger things, but we saw them live FIRST!

Thank you to our parent volunteers and all staff who helped out in many ways.

On Monday 27 May, our choir will be assessed for our participation in the concert series at the end of term 3. It is a long and demanding undertaking, and many children are working very hard to successfully memorize the repertoire. Thanks again to those parents who are supporting their children to successfully complete this challenge.

Pedal Prix


This is my second year racing with the Speed’n Eden Pedal Prix Team, but my first time competing in Loxton.

My family and I left Friday morning and got to my cousin’s house in Loxton that afternoon. The next day we did scrutineering where people check our vehicle to see if it’s ok to ride. We passed with no challenges. Later that afternoon the team met up and walked around the track, the track was very different from Adelaide’s track. The shape, steep hills and the pit was very long and we had to stay in a specific speed limit when exiting pit lane.

Race day started really early, it was still dark and freezing. Before the race started I was feeling excited and nervous. When it was my turn to race it was hard going up the steep hill and I was scared of ‘crash corner’, although I came close I never crashed.

After I competed I was relieved that I didn’t cause or get involved in any crashes. My times were good and I helped the newer riders with giving them advice on gear changes. I was really proud to be there as part of the team representing Eden Hills PS.

While I enjoyed competing in Loxton, I’m really excited to be racing on home ground at Victoria Park in the next event.


A Parent’s Perspective

Where do we start! Attending our first race as a family was seriously the BIGGEST buzz!

We had been told this at the meetings and training sessions, but nothing can prepare you for the high you feel when you are involved in this team spirited event! Every child plus every parent involved in the day contributed in one way or another to make it a real success. Being part of the team and watching everyone work together created a positive, fun and engaging atmosphere. The entire town of Loxton revolved around this event and it was absolutely pumping and so well organised! Whether it was walking along pit lane checking out other teams and other vehicles; standing on the hair pin corner watching some amazing driving skills; assisting with changeovers & time keeping; or hanging out in the pit with the team, there was not one dull moment! The children were so supportive of one another and it was a really amazing experience to be part of. We were rostered for duties in the morning and could’ve left at half time when our contributions were all sorted and our child had raced. However, the bug had bitten us and we weren’t going to miss a moment of it, so we ended up staying until the finish flags were waved. We cannot wait for the next race! Bring it on!

Jasmin & Terry Hodson

Public Holiday

Reminder that there is a Public Holiday Monday 10th June 2019

What To Do And Expect If You Have A Concern Or Complaint

Level 1 – School Level Response

Raise the concern with the appropriate staff member. If the concern is about a particular staff member then the deputy principal or principal may then be your first contact. If the complaint is against the principal it may be appropriate to start at level 2 by contacting the DECD Complaints Unit. It is reasonable to expect a response to the initial complaint within 2 working days of receiving the complaint and resolution within 4 weeks. However, some mitigating circumstances such as staff absence may affect these timeframes slightly.

Level 2 – Central Resolution through the Education Complaint Unit

If after an attempt of resolution at the school level has been made and an amicable resolution has not been reached or a complaint against the principal could not be approached at school level then the Education Complaint Unit may be contacted on 1800 677 435.

Level 3 – External Resolution through the SA Ombudsman

If after an attempt to resolve the complaint at the Central Level, an amicable decision has not been reached, then the SA Ombudsman may be contacted on 1800 182 150.

Council Traffic Reminders

The council has asked that we remind our school community about the Australian Road Rules around schools. Please take a look at the brochure below.

Medication in Schools

Unfortunately during this time of year there is an increase in the number of our students getting sick and some will require medication to overcome their illnesses.

All medication that you ask to be administered at school needs to be supported by a ‘Medication Agreement Form’ completed by a doctor. This is not only for prescribed medications like antibiotics but also over the counter medications like Panadol and Antihistamines.

Remember if the dosage is three times a day you could give it to your child in the morning before school, after school and before going to bed. This eliminates bringing any medication to school.

You can get a copy of the ‘Medication Agreement Form’ by clicking the link below or alternatively on our web site under the ‘Parent Information’ tab and then scroll down to ‘Student Medication’.

Change of Clothes

As the weather becomes more inclement we ask that you pack a set of spare clothes in your child’s bag. We have had a number of students needing to borrow clothes from our limited stock leaving us short for those needing them for accidents.

If you have any uniform your child has outgrown, especially pants, or any new underwear that you would like to donate to the school we would greatly appreciate it.

Feeling Hungrier In the Cooler Weather?

Don't worry, you are not the only one to feel the same. It is very common to feel hungrier during winter than in summer. The cold weather is the reason for the increase in your appetite. During winter, our body temperature drops making our body feel that there are not enough nutrients in our blood to keep us warm, which results in the feeling of hunger.

We have noticed an increase of students coming to the office asking for a sandwich because they are still hungry. We ask that parents increase the amount of food they are packing in lunch boxes for their children to help with the cooler weather cravings.

Woolworths Earn & Learn

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Check out how to make sure your child’s lunch was received by the school.

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