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27 June 2019

Newsletter Articles

Helping Keep Children Safe Through New Screening Laws

Stronger, more effective and transparent screening laws for people working or volunteering with children have been introduced in South Australia. The new screening laws were recommended as part of federal and South Australian royal commissions, to help keep children safe in our communities. The new laws mean that from 1 July 2019 everyone working or volunteering with children must have a valid child-related check.

Also changing from 1 July 2019 is the state’s current system for child-related employment screenings, which will be replaced with a working with children check (WWCC). This new check is coming in to better protect your children and make sure that people working or volunteering with children are suitable. It does this through a monitored and more robust assessment of a person’s eligibility to work or volunteer with children. Because the check is monitored, immediate action can be taken if a person is charged with a concerning offence. The new check covers a person’s national criminal history including all spent convictions, pending and non-conviction charges, and other disciplinary and child protection information.

A WWCC is valid for five years and is portable across roles and organisations throughout South Australia.

Current, valid child-related employment screening checks done by DHS/DCSI will be recognised as a WWCC until they expire. There is also a 12 month transition period for anyone with a National Police Certificate assessed by their organisation, with the certificate valid till 1 July 2020.

For most people, this means they don’t need to do anything to be ready for the new law starting on 1 July 2019.

For more information about the new check visit the DHS website.

Last Day Term Two Early Dismissal

Reminder that the last day of Term 2 is an EARLY DISMISSAL!
2:10 pm Friday 5 July


A written report will be sent home in the last week of this term. This is a mid year report so the information included will be a summary of the evidence of learning collected for each child. The grades will be for the work completed up to this point of the year and reflect the level the child is working at towards the final outcome of the curriculum area.

2019 State Rugby Tackle Competition

During term 1, upper school primary classes in rooms 7, 8, 11 and 12 participated in an NRL Australia program funded by Sporting Schools Australia as part of their physical education lessons. Students were introduced to the rules, techniques and skills which enabled them to participate in and enjoy the game of Rugby League. As a lead on from this program, students from Eden Hills Primary School were invited to take part in the State Schools Tackle Competition at Brighton Primary School in term 2 where they played against other teams including Brighton Primary and Christies Beach Primary. Feedback from students and parents was really positive and we will definitely be back again next year!



The Blue Basketball team had their first win of the season this Thursday against Belair Vixens 22/4

Also, a couple of weeks ago they had a ‘home battle’ with the other Eden Hills team - girls vs boys! It was a very close match and ended with the boys winning 22-16.

Pedal Prix

On Sunday the 16th June I had my 2nd Pedal Prix race of the year. Since I had already done a Pedal Prix race before I wasn’t nervous, I was really excited. When I was about to have my 2nd go in the pedal prix car a crazy thing happened! The wheel fell off, so they had to put the pedal car on a stand to fix what was wrong. Because of the delay I got to do the finishing laps which was awesome! I really liked swerving around the other pedal prix cars but it was annoying when I was stuck behind a bunch of slow cars. I was really proud of the whole team for doing so well.


On 16th of June we met at Victoria Park racecourse for Pedal Prix on a sunny but quite cold day. I was in the afternoon group and we were performing quite well and were in 7th place. Every rider got 2 lots of 10 minutes each and depending on their speed as to how many laps that is. On my first lap I got 2 minutes and eleven seconds and this was the fastest lap that day for Eden Hills. In the next lap though I was heading up to ‘Crash Corner’ but before I could even get there I crashed big time and rolled over and then skidded off the side of the track. We had practised a roll over but this was totally different. I felt a bit scared when it happened and then I put my feet back into the pedals and then kept on going and did the rest of my laps until my ten minutes were up. I learnt to be a bit more careful when you are driving and when you are going fast it’s a bit tricky and you need to beep your horn until you get through. At the end of the race our wheel popped off and we ended up coming 13th.

We started in grid position 136 and finished 83 over all categories.

We finished 13th in our category.

Thank you to ‘Pink Carat Jewellers’ for their generosity in sponsoring
The Speed’n Eden Pedal Prix Team!

Lost Property

We have so much, over flowing lost property, especially jackets! Please take the time to check out our two locations of lost property - the SAC (Sports Art Centre) and the Learning Street (Junior Primary Building) - and discover those long lost winter uniform items to stay warm on these chilly mornings.

Vacation Care Holiday Program


A reminder that if your child is absent from school and doesn’t require ‘before’ or ‘after’ school care, to contact OSHC to let them know as well.

Dianne 0401121190

Eden Hills Giant Garage Sale

When: Saturday 27 July
Where: Eden Hills Primary School SAC
Time: 8am – 2pm
Who: Anyone!
How: Contact Jess Rogers (0401058009 or jessrogers@optusnet.com.au) to book your spot. BYO trestle table or just put your stuff straight on the ground. Just $10 per spot, you can book multiple spots if you have a lot of stuff to sell or large items. You can sell second hand stuff (books, clothes/accessories, toys, furniture, bric-a-brac etc) or maybe you want to sell handmade stuff like soaps, candles, handmade crafty things or art.

Limited spots available and bookings are essential so get in quick!

Wilpena Street

We have had a number of incidents where cars parked on Wilpena Street have received damage to the doors and mirrors. Presumably this has been from other vehicles driving too close to parked vehicles but unfortunately nothing has been reported. We are reminding motorists to please drive carefully and safely in and around school zones, and especially on streets such as Wilpena Street due to the narrow nature of the roadway. We are kindly asking members of our community that if any damage occurs or is seen to occur to please report it.


Check out how your lunch order refunds are processed.

Woolworths Earn And Learn

Last chance to get your Woolworths Stickers in! Place them on a chart, bring into school and deposit into the collection boxes in the front office.

Entertainment Book

Entertainment Books are selling fast, come into the office to grab your book or purchase online at


Alternatively click the link below to download the order form, complete your details and return to the office.

History and Review

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