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19 September 2019

Newsletter Articles

Book Week

The Year 6/7 Resource Centre team did a wonderful job of running the Book Week activities. They were responsible (on time and fully prepared for their shifts), respectful (to those they were helping, to each other and to staff), resilient (working through the inevitable moments of boredom and frustration) and creative (quickly modifying activities to ensure everyone could participate and solving any problems that arose). Congratulations Breanna, Brittany, Baileigh, Hannah, Mohammad, Alexie, Sarah, Maddy, Bea and Tehya!

Jo Mc

Mitcham Hills Mini Eisteddfod

On Sunday 25 August, a total of 66 students from Blackwood and Eden Hills Primary Schools took part in the Mitcham Hills Mini Eisteddfod. This was the 13th year for the Eisteddfod, an in-house musical festival which aims to give children an element of competition for all ages and levels in a safe and fun environment. It has been a wonderful learning experience for the children over the past ten weeks, as many of them learnt to play duets and trios together for the first time. It has fostered care and consideration for each other, perseverance, cooperation, teamwork, patience and tolerance. Although not all the results were perfect on the day, every child gave their best effort and there were many personal success stories. We encourage all children learning an instrument to practice regularly and achieve their best, but it is very important that they enjoy making music and feel comfortable performing and having a go. Music has been found to enrich the lives of all who participate in its creation or enjoyment, and the Eisteddfod allows our children to have a lot of fun sharing this amazing musical experience. Many thanks to all the children, parents and teachers who supported this day, and to Winston Music for the loan of a piano and music vouchers for the winners. Over $200 was also raised for Shelterbox Australia: providing emergency shelter and aid to families affected by natural disaster and humanitarian crisis.

Sarah Walsh – piano teacher & Eisteddfod co-ordinator.

The winners from Eden Hills Primary School were:

Emily: beginner piano
Wilfred, Dylan & Robbie: piano trios
Sidney: elementary piano
Ella, Alexie & Ginger: piano trios
Alexie: intermediate piano
Jessica: beginner strings
Skipp & Sidney: sibling ensemble
Victoria & Hannah: piano duets junior
Beatrix & Acacia: piano duets intermediate
Dylan & Ben: piano duets senior


Last week the two year five volleyball teams went to the volleyball finals at Mars Stadium. Unfortunately the Girls team were the only ones who won a game. We all had heaps of fun practicing, playing and strategizing. The first team we played was St Josephs they did well and beat both of us.


I really enjoyed volleyball SAPSASA, it was a great opportunity to practice my skills and get my game face on! I got to meet new people and play the sport I love. Overall it was a great day and an awesome experience.


Festival Of Music Choir Performance

Last Wednesday evening, 31 of our students performed on stage at the Adelaide Festival Theatre as part of the Public Primary Schools’ Festival of Music.

Our school was also represented by Matty in the troupe that evening, and by Dhruv and Miles, who were the hosts of Concert 2, on the following evening. Next Friday, Alexie and a student from Coromandel Valley PS will perform Irish Dancing as one of the foyer concerts.

The Primary Schools Festival of Music, an official state icon, is a public school-based music education program which is a collaboration between the Department for Education and the SAPPS Music Society, which gives all SA public primary students the opportunity to perform at a prestigious venue.

The commissioned work, entitled “Dear Pen Pal”, was a series of songs composed by local musician Robyn Habel about Adelaide’s sister cities and having a pen pal. The concert ended with a spectacular sea of colour.

During the concerts there were a number of Guest Artists from public primary and secondary schools, other choir items that presented different musical genre, and two pieces that specifically showcased the talents of the orchestra.

It was a spectacular event that our students enjoyed being a part of.

Celebrating Support Staff Week At Eden Hills PS

Our support staff do a magnificent job in and around our school. They bring a positive and vibrant attitude to our school every day and collectively make a huge difference to the learning and wellbeing of our students. Each person brings with them a unique skill set, life experience and a driven will to providing an environment where a positive impact can be made. So to all of our wonderful support staff - Heather, Annie, Rebecca, Jo, Perdita, Tracy, Neil, Pamela, Georgia, Matt, Kobi, Demi, Jarrad, Melissa, Dani, Deanne and Sarah - you are all highly appreciated and we say thank you for all of the wonderful work you do.

Last Day Term 3

Reminder that the Last Day of Term 3 is an Early Dismissal
2:10 pm Friday 27th September


As most of you have admired our new neighbour we thought you might want to know a bit more about him.

Bullet the male foal was born 12 August 2019. We called him Bullet because at the moment he is a funny shade of grey (silver) and from the day he was born he took to running like the wind – “silver bullet”.

His Mum, Blayze, is a 5 year old rescue horse from Two Wells and his dad is 8 year old “Cappa”, also a rescue horse, from Riverton. Cappa has since been adopted by a family in the Barossa Valley who aim to train him as a children’s riding horse.

Vacation Care Program

Eden Hills Kindergarten

Eden Hills Kindergarten need donations of second-hand tracksuit pants, long and short sleeve tops, shorts, and jumpers for 4 to 6 year olds. These will be used as our spare clothes. Our address is 4 Willunga St, Eden Hills. Donations can be made at any time. Thank you.

Lost Property

Lost property is collected and every effort is made to return items to their owners. It is really helpful when items are clearly named. Don’t forget to name clothing which may be removed (e.g. track tops track pants, hats) as well as drink bottles and lunch boxes.

Articles not claimed are stored at Lost Property in the SAC, the Learning Street and the Resource Centre. Items unclaimed by the end of the term are given to a charitable organisation. Parents are welcome to search the Lost Property for misplaced items, if a child is unable to find their property.

Head lice – Nits…… They Are About!!!!!

This is a perennial problem in schools and we have had several cases across the school lately. It is recommended that you check all members of your household carefully. Treating the hair is no guarantee that the problem has been eradicated. Success is more likely if treatment is thorough, checking daily for at least three weeks and children are reminded to avoid head to head contact with others. If your child has head lice, please let school know.

Workshop For Parents To Support Healthier Gaming And Internet Use

School Dentist

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