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17 October 2019

Newsletter Articles

Class Placements Requests 2020

We are currently in the process of preparing for 2020. We are now accepting requests from parents regarding their child’s class placement for 2020 until Friday 8th November (end of Week 4).

All requests will be considered and where possible acted upon. However; with only a finite number of class options and creating classes that are balanced academically, socially and behaviourally the good of the whole group will take priority over the individual. Therefore parent requests are not guaranteed.

We assume that parents and caregivers who do not submit a request are comfortable with class teachers making informed decisions about their child’s placement in 2020.

When setting classes we consider parent requests, student identified friendships and teacher input. Furthermore, it is important to understand that teachers have not been allocated year levels for 2020 at this stage, nor have the configuration of classes been finalised and the current structure is very likely to change for 2020.

All requests must be submitted via a class request form which can be found at the link below, a link to this form has also been placed on our website. A separate form will need to be completed for each child.


Westminster Visit

What’s that song?

Westminster Preparatory School concert band and rock band put on a highly entertaining and interactive performance for the whole school. The performance was similar to a quiz show where contestants identified the songs performed by the bands. The students from Westminster impressed us with their incredible level of musical talent and skill, along with the organisation and preparation required to produce such a spectacular show. Special mention to Dhruv who volunteered to be part of the show.

We thank Westminster Preparatory School for making Eden Hills PS a stop on their tour.

Sports Day

Sports Day is at SANTOS stadium at Mile End on Wednesday 23 October (Week 2). SANTOS stadium is purpose built for sports and is where many state and national athletics events are held. This gives all students the experience of doing sports in an athletics stadium, and it caters for everything we need including equipment, canteen, shelter, seating, and sound system.

Students will leave the school at approximately 9.00am and travel by charter bus to the stadium, where they will start the tabloid events at 10.00am. Programs will be sent home closer to the event.

Parents, friends, relatives and supporters are all welcome to help cheer everyone on. There are many shaded areas and ample free parking on site.

Book Sale

The Year 6/7 Resource Centre helpers will be running a Second-hand Children’s Book Sale in Week 4 of this term. They will use the proceeds to select new books for the Resource Centre.

They will be sending out details of the sale soon but in the meantime we would love donations of books that your family have outgrown. Donations can be dropped at the Front Office or the Resource Centre. Thank you so much to the families who have already sent books in.

Also, while you are checking the shelves, we are in need of some more books for Our Adult Little Free Library (if you have any that you can bear to part with!). Thank you.

Jo Mc

Parent Survey

The Parent Survey was emailed on Monday, please remember to complete the survey that is due back midnight Thursday 24 October 2019.

Materials And Services Charge 2020

At our next Governing Council meeting, on Wednesday 6 November 2019 at 7.00pm in the Staff room, the 2020 Materials and Services Charge will be discussed.

Parents who would like to discuss the fees are welcome to attend the meeting. In lieu of attendance at the meeting, parents can express their views in writing to the Chairperson of the Governing Council to reach the school by 4.00pm on Tuesday 5 November 2019. The charge proposed for 2020 is $363.00 which is above the standard sum. A copy of the proposed M & S charges is displayed below.

Correspondence Sent Home

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on school notes?

We are regularly asked in the office for copies of notes sent home for excursions or general information. All copies are uploaded onto our website and the Schoolzine App. Teachers should notify parents to expect any notes that are being handed out via Seesaw and then if you don’t get a copy you can access all correspondence or print out a copy via the website or App. Please refer to the images below that show how to access the notes.

Basketball Tops

We need any former basketball players to return their tops to school (front office) as soon as possible. We have a shortage of tops again; if you have one that you are no longer using PLEASE bring it back so we can pass it on to new players. This includes anyone who played SAPSASA this year who may still have a top.


On Friday the 20th September we went to the climate change rally with Acacia’s dad and marched because people / the government aren’t doing enough about climate change and they need to do more. Acacia and Beatrix

On Friday 20 September I went to a climate protest. It was the first time I’d been to a protest and I was yelling my head off. Evie

I went to the climate change rally because I think that everyone should take every chance they get to help the climate and if you can, go to these government protests. Ivy

Navigating School Drop Off and Pick Up

We are continually being asked to report incidents of parking violations, inconsiderate drivers and even road rage during the before and after school pick up in the kiss & drop zone, surrounding streets and train station parking areas.

So, for all of those parents who know somebody who could use a reminder as to how it all works, here are the 7 unbreakable rules of the school drop-off or pick-up line

Rule #1: Do NOT get out of your car. Ever

Not to “quickly grab” your kid, wave “come on” to your child over the playground fence, or just say “hi” to your friend in line behind you. Stay in your car. And when the car in front of you moves, you move.

Rule #2: Put down the mobile phone

Don’t text or type emails. Waiting for your kid in your empty (and wonderfully quiet) car seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up on work – but it’s also a distraction. People on their phones don’t notice the car in front of them has moved, and as we learned in Rule #1, you know what to do next. More importantly, it’s dangerous. People on their phones don’t see children darting out between cars to the parents breaking rule #3.

Rule #3: Don’t double park

Maybe you’re thinking “I’ll just pull up alongside this nice lady here and my kid can run out in front of her and jump in.” No. “But I see my kid right there!” Good. Then you can wave at them to meet you at the end of the line when you circle back around the block. Plus, it’s illegal.

Rule #4: DON’T cut the line

It doesn’t matter that there is a gap, we’re all waiting for them to move up. Zipping into that gap is only going to aggravate those who have been doing the right thing and waiting their turn.

Rule #5: Leave the PDA at home

You love your little one and want to send him on his way to school with a kiss. That’s lovely. You’re cute. But if little Johnny won’t get out of the car or he’s not ready to say “goodbye,” go park your car and walk him in.

Rule #6: The rules of the car drop-off lane apply to everybody, no matter what kind of car you drive

Big or small car everyone has the same rights and follow the same traffic laws.

Rule #7: Move swiftly

Once your kids locate you, get them into the car and get going. Don’t sit there in line and have the “how was your day?” discussion with them.

In short, a little politeness goes a long way in the in the car school zone (and beyond). Remember, being behind the wheel of a car doesn’t make you invisible. We see you. We all see you. Including our children. So let’s try to set a good example.

Please click the link below to refresh your knowledge of parking restrictions, speed limits and how you can help your children be safe around vehicles.

Save the Date

Remembrance / Special Persons’ Day – Monday 11 November

Information will be coming home soon.

Pupil Free Day Friday 15 November

End of Year Concert at the Capri Theatre - evening of Thursday 5 December

Further details will be sent home soon.

Volunteer Morning Tea - Wednesday 11 December

Bushfire Information

Our Bushfire Action Plan is on the school website. Please check it carefully. This term we will be involved in a drill to practice what we would do in case of a bushfire in the local area. This also helps us to identify any issues and improve our procedures. Please remember that on days deemed to be “Catastrophic” by the CFS, the site will be closed.

It is also VITAL that you let us know of any change in contact details, particularly mobile phone numbers, as we will use our SMS messaging service to contact families in an emergency. If you do not have a mobile phone please alert the office to arrange an alternative method of contact.

On a high risk day in the Mount Lofty Ranges we advise you to follow your family bushfire plan.

Be Aware of Snakes

Warmer spring days spark the commencement of snake season, as snakes become active after winter inactivity.

No person is to put themselves at risk by being in direct contact with a snake. The sighting of a snake within the school grounds is to be reported as follows:

  • Within school hours - to Admin office
  • Outside school hours (but during OSHC hours) - to OSHC staff (who will advise principal when appropriate)

The teachers will have spoken to the students about what they should do if they see a snake in the school grounds.

History And Review


25 Oct 2022 - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

02 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

30 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM