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27 March 2021

Newsletter Articles

Term 1

We’ve had a great start to 2021 with the school community hitting the ground running with positive attitudes and approaches to our continued journey of improvement. It has also been wonderful to have families back on site in a myriad of capacities and the volunteer reading program is in full swing across the school.


The Deputy Principal position will be advertised externally for a tenure of 3.5 years at the end of this term. The current acting role finishes at the end of term 2. Once applications have been received a panel will be formed to run the appointment process early next term. We will hopefully know the outcome of this position by mid term 2.

Site Improvement Plan

The Site Improvement Plan agenda has the following challenges of practice for each core element, we have modified the student agency focus to critical thinking this year to further refine the direction of this important pedagogical lever:


If we develop a common evidence-based approach (using the guidebook resource) to learning multiple-step mathematical problem-solving tasks / investigations, then we will increase student achievement in mathematics, particularly in the number and measurement strands.


If we prioritise the teaching and assessing of writing using Brightpath, then we will increase student achievement in writing. Specifically, if we agree to explicitly teach the genres relevant to our curriculum area, we will improve students’ ability to develop and structure texts related to the topic and purpose for their writing.

Student Agency

If we consistently design learning that teaches the critical thinking competency of student agency then students' A-E achievement will increase in HASS. Specifically, by explicitly teaching strategies to pose relevant questions, analyse information and draw and communicate conclusions then we will improve students' ability to authentically influence their learning.

The Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are currently finalizing the Essential Agreements around the common approaches and expectations for Numeracy and Literacy practice in the school. The school is now in stage 2 of our Brightpath journey where the primary focus shifts to Persuasive writing. Kellie and Marilla recently attended a valuable training session on Persuasive writing and we held a PD session at our recent staff meeting to continue enhancing our assessment and moderation practices.

This year the Department has created a new role based out of the Portfolio’s education office in Mount Barker called Curriculum Lead. This is to replace the old SLLIP (Senior Leader Learning Improvement Primary) role that we utilized over the last 4 years. Sam Leane is our Portfolio’s new Curriculum Lead and will be working with our Student Agency PLC to develop our task design around critical thinking and to define a staged delivery to develop students’ questioning, research and reasoning skills.


After our fantastic improvement in the 2020 Phonics Screening Check (up 20% from 2019) we looked to continue to enhance and solidify our phonics delivery across the early years. We were lucky enough to acquire the support of Alixe Boardman from the Department’s Literacy unit. Alixe has been observing, coaching and working with our staff to unpack phonological awareness, best practice and concrete strategies to deliver continued growth for our students. This will continue throughout the year and the feedback so far has been extremely positive from Alixe and the staff.

Nature Play

Jade, Perdita, Lachlan, Josie and the Green Team have put out a call in our Newsletter to families that would be interested in supporting the development of the Nature Play space. We’ve already had a number of keen participants respond which is wonderful. Neil has been working on the irrigation for the garden bed elements and the students are currently working on designs and concepts for the space. Fencing the area will be the next stage of the journey.

Tiger Turf

The Governing Council has approved the funding allocation to replace the Tiger Turf surface. This will include improved draining, sub surface work and a new synthetic grass overlay. We are looking forward to having an improved play surface for our students to use and work will hopefully begin in the school holidays dependent on weather.



This year for aquatics, room 11 and 12 went to the Port Noarlunga Aquatics Centre. We were split into 12 different groups and did 2 activities each. My instructor was Belinda who was a lovely lady. Many of us went down to the beach to do various activities, mine was boogie boarding. There were no waves though unfortunately for us or the surfers. It was a hot and sunny day which made sun safety super important, but we had loads of fun. It was the first time we had done a full day, but we got to do two activities which was great!



In week 7, the Year 3, 4 and 5 students in Rooms 7, 8, 9 and 10 went to Arbury Park Outdoor School for a 2-day camp.

Some of the amazing activities included:

Shelter building

In our groups, chosen by the leaders, we set off to the bushland. Each group could choose a few materials from the range provided by the leaders. Working with our group we built a shelter to protect us from the approaching ‘storm’. A leader came over to our shelter with a back-pack filled with water attached to a high pressure spray gun. They sprayed our shelters, acting as the ‘storm’. Most groups managed to build a shelter that helped them survive the storm.

Pond study

We used nets to catch fresh water life at the ponds. We caught multiple yabbies and tadpoles, then we went to the labs to look at them under the microscopes. Using the microscopes also helped us see lots of other fresh water life.

Arbury Park was an amazing experience because it was great fun and we learned lots of new things about the environment and teamwork.

Pippa, Elissa, Isla, Poppy, Felix and Max (Rooms 7 & 8)

The Web of Life

The web of life game has people acting as human destruction, natural death, top predators, predators and herbivores. But natural death and human destructions can point to get you. You have 8 lives and whenever you get caught you also have to get food and water cards to survive.

Reading maps

In groups of 8, we had to use a map to help us locate letters. There were ponds and bridges we could go over and follow. We could also go over wood stacks. We had to find all the letters to make 3 words.

The best food

The food on camp was great and delicious. Every time there was either juice, water or strawberry milk. The best meals for us were the first day’s lunch and the first day’s dinner. The chefs put out a row of food and we could choose what we wanted. YUM!

By Ella and Stella (Room 10)

GRIP Leadership Conference

On 15 March, the SRC Executive team went to the GRIP Leadership Conference at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. We learned when it is "Our Time" to lead. We discovered many bright ideas, how to come up with a plan and then how to introduce our ideas to other students and teachers. We explored what tells us when it is our time to be a leader, which was having talents, interests, wanting to make a difference or having previous experience.

We learnt that leadership is more than just a badge and going to meetings, we are role models for our entire school community. We are excited about getting the chance to bring what we learned into our school this year.



We have some amazing student artwork displayed in the office come and check it out!

Wanted! Second-hand Children’s Books

The Year 6/7 Resource Centre helpers would like to run a Second-hand Children’s Book Sale next term and use the proceeds to choose new books for the Resource Centre.

They will be sending out details of the sale closer to the time but in the meantime we would love donations of books that your family have outgrown. Donations can be dropped at the Front Office or the Resource Centre.

Also, while you are checking the shelves, we are in need of some more books for our Adult Little Free Library (if you have any that you can bear to part with). Thank you.



There was a very special moment for the Year 4 Blue Team at Basketball. The coach of the Year 4 Blackwood team whom they played recently approached our coach and gave them a thank you card and a bag of lollies for their great sportsmanship when they played against each other. The Blackwood team has very little experience and they have lost by many points. During the game the Eden Hills team allowed them to pass the ball and take free shots on their basket even passing the ball to their players until they scored.

What a great example of sportsmanship from the Year 4 Blue Team!

Isaac, Cody, Hugh, Max, Charlie and Urijah

SAPSASA Swimming

On Friday 26 February, 4 students, Claire, Eliana, Ethan & Jonah from Eden Hills Primary School competed at the Southern Heights district SAPSASA swimming carnival. It was held at the Marion Outdoor swimming pool starting at 6 pm and finishing at 9 pm. Although it was freezing we enjoyed ourselves. Half way through the evening, the lawn sprinklers went off and drenched the spectators 


Nature Play Update

A team of school staff has been established to kickstart and facilitate management and initiation of our exciting new Nature Play Area. Our students have been eagerly planning and suggesting interesting ideas for consideration including a bird hide, flying foxes, tree houses, mud pits, underground tunnels and even water slides!

We have had some interest from parents and community members that are keen to join our working group and we would like to catch up on Wednesday 31 March (week 10) at 3.15pm outside the Propagation Shed. It is expected this will be a short initial meeting (~ 30 min) to discuss the overall vision, initial steps, and potential roles for any parent/community volunteers.

If you would like to become involved and have not already done so, please let the front office know or email Perdita at perdita.hope720@schools.sa.edu.au. Any involvement can be as small or big as your time and inclination permits.

Many thanks

The Green Team

Canteen News

We have some exciting news about our Canteen; Blackwood High School is getting a NEW Canteen. The building works is scheduled to commence Tuesday after Easter this Term.

With this, the service we provide to your families will not change. We have been lucky enough to be able to move into one of our Home Economics Kitchens, enabling us to still provide lunches to all of our feeder Primary Schools along with our High School students.

In preparing for these works, the Canteen will be closed during Week 11; Tuesday 6 April to Friday 9 April 2021. Normal ordering will recommence again from the start of Term 2 2021.

Head lice – Nits…… They Are About!

This is a perennial problem and we have had cases across the school. It is recommended that you check all members of your household carefully. Treating the hair is no guarantee that the problem has been eradicated. Success is more likely if treatment is thorough, checking daily for at least three weeks and children are reminded to avoid head to head contact with others. If your child has head lice, please let school know.

Lost Property

Lost property is collected and every effort is made to return items to their owners. It is really helpful when items are clearly named. Don’t forget to name clothing which may be removed (e.g. track tops track pants, hats) as well as drink bottles and lunch boxes.

We have a mountain of unnamed items. A big thank you to Martine for all her help with sorting and stacking our lost items. From the afternoon of Monday 29 March, there will be a table outside the office for you to check through the collection for items that belong to your family. All items remaining at the end of term will be donated or disposed of.

Early Departure

Reminder: the last day of Term 1, Friday 9 April is a 2.10pm Dismissal

Year 7 to High School

Parents can keep up-to-date with any information regarding Year 7 to High School via the SA Department for Education’s website home page or via this link:


Breakfast Club

Breakfast club has been a popular place to be on Wednesday mornings!

In Term 2 we will be up and running again from Week 2, Wednesday 5 May 8:30am

See you there!

2021 School Sports Registration

Registrations are now open for sports in Term 2, 2021
Basketball, Netball, Soccer and Volleyball
Come’N’Try Basketball and Come’N’Try Soccer
Age restrictions apply
To register:


or for more information about sport availability


Sports Committee

Pupil Free Day

Reminder Pupil Free Day Tuesday 27 April (1st Day Back Term 2 after the public holiday)
Please contact Dianne – 0401121190 to make a booking for that day


Community Lottery

Congratulations, Eden Hills Primary School you raised $1794!

You can check out the website for the winners

The Entertainment App

Introducing our SRC Executives

Each edition of the newsletter we will have a short article introducing the SRC Executives for 2021.

Name: Acacia
Year: 6
Role: SRC Executive
Why is the SRC Executive role important to you?
Because I want the opportunity to be a leader and I like public speaking.
Favourite Colour: Aqua
Favourite Food: Spaghetti bolognaise
Favourite Thing To Do: Ballet / Dance

Community Notices


25 Oct 2022 - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

02 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

30 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM