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27 May 2021

Newsletter Articles

Site Improvement Plan

To enhance our Site Improvement Plan (SIP) work we recently met with leadership from Hawthorndene Primary School to discuss the alignment between our SIP priorities. As a result, we have initiated a Professional Learning Community partnership across our sites. This initiative provides our staff an opportunity to share and collaborate with educators in a different context. We met at Hawthorndene Primary in week 2 and separated into our three areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Student Agency (critical thinking) where staff shared their journeys and discussed how they could work collaboratively to drive their SIP priority. The feedback from staff was positive and we are looking forward to this ongoing partnership to help drive quality improvement across our sites.


Heather will be taking leave from this week for some well-deserved time off. Gail Rose, an experienced business manager, will be replacing her during this period and we are looking forward to having her with us. The Deputy Principal advertising period has now finished and the panel process is underway to select our Deputy Principal for the next 3 years.


We had a successful conclusion to the NAPLAN testing period. We were exceptionally proud of our year 3, 5 and 7 students who undertook testing in Writing, Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy. Once the results are available you will receive a detailed report of your child’s achievements. Thank you to Kellie and Eric, our IT technician, for their planning and management in running a smooth testing period for our students.


The fencing for our Nature Play has now been completed and we just received the news that we were successful in our application for a grant that will be going towards creating a ‘Graduate Garden’ outside Rooms 11 and 12. A team of our senior students are currently working on designs for this space and we look forward to further enhancing our school environment. A big thank you to Josie for writing and submitting the successful application.

Warm regards,


Japanese News

日本語 ニュース

Nihongo Nyusu

The Japanese Garden

After several years in the planning and making, our Japanese garden is finally complete! In 2019 Years 6/7 students learnt about Japanese gardens and designed their own garden models. Last year we established a small group of Year 7 students to design our very own Japanese garden at Eden Hills. With the help of a grant from the Japanese Language Teachers Association of South Australia (JLTASA), we purchased plants, rocks, pebbles and garden ornaments and a group of Year 6/7 students worked with Neil and me to establish our garden. Unfortunately a number of our plants didn’t survive the summer holidays so this year we have re-planted and also added our Shishi Odoshi (deer scarer) water feature. Most weeks a few students in the graduate classes take turns to water and tidy up the garden in their Japanese lessons so we hope that (despite the many autumn leaves!) our garden will be a lovely entrance to our office for many years to come. Many thanks to the student helpers, past and present, for all their work, to the JLTASA for their support, and a special thanks to Neil our groundsman for his hard work, particularly his efforts to get our water feature up and running!

Correspondence with Japan

Last year students in Room 7 wrote letters and coloured in a picture of a ‘Flat Stanley’ paper doll and we sent them to students in our Japanese sister city, Himeji. Earlier this year our students were very excited to receive replies from their Japanese pen-pals. The letters contained photos of the Flat Stanleys coloured in by our students with their pen-pal and in various locations around Himeji. We have since written our reply and made an origami koala to include in the letters. We are hoping to send these off in the next week or so. In August we are hoping to do a video cross so that some of our students can see and chat with their pen-pals!

Black Belt Certificates

Students in Years 3/4 – 6/7 have been working hard to achieve their personal best in reading the hiragana alphabet during ‘Belts Lessons’. I would like to congratulate Jonah from Room 8, Andre from Room 11 and Kate from Room 12 for completing their Black Belt in hiragana reading! This means they can read all 46 hiragana characters plus those with extra rules, and have joined Kaden from Room 12 in studying the second Japanese alphabet – Katakana.

Elin Gubbin

Kindy Visit

We highly value the relationship between kindergarten and school and strive to make the school transition as smooth as possible. To support this the two Reception/Year 1 classes walked up and visited the Eden Hills Kindergarten in week 2. It was delightful to see the children making connections with new friends, singing, playing and exploring in such a beautiful space. We look forward to visiting again soon!

Cross Country

On 7 May, 24 students from Eden Hills attended the SAPSASA Cross Country event at Belair National Park. The students from years 4-7 competed in their age groups with the events ranging from 2 to 3 km. It was a tough course having to navigate hills and dirt tracks. However, all students represented our school brilliantly, with an exceptional level of resilience and sportsmanship on display. A special mention to Max for running an impressive 7th and being a reserve runner for Southern Districts. Congratulations to all the runners who competed and Sue, Lydia, Anna and Jeremy who volunteered their time to be marshals and help on the day.

Colebrook House Documentary Film with the Blackwood Reconciliation Group

In week 2 of this term, our school was involved in a very special project. Our partnership, comprising local primary schools, kindergartens and the Blackwood High School, was invited by the Blackwood Reconciliation Group (BRG) to be involved in the creation of a documentary film about the history of Colebrook House. Students from each of these sites were chosen to be part of a range of activities with former Colebrook children and descendants of residents. These students took part in a Welcome to Country, played old-fashioned games, such as knuckle bones and ‘kick the tin’, as well as listening to the Elders share their stories.

In addition, Eden Hills Primary School was approached to form a special singing group to perform the ‘Colebrook Song’ with Jen Lush. This song was written by Jen and children from Eden Hills Kindergarten, some of whom are now in reception at EHPS. It was developed from the Kindergarten’s Kaurna Welcome to Country. Many thanks to our Colebrook Singing Group, comprising students from Reception to year 7 for polishing this rendition ready for filming. It required a lot of effort at home and daily lunch time rehearsals, and the results were extremely pleasing.

The Colebrook Singing Group performed at Room 5s assembly in week 2 with Jen Lush.

Later that day, the group performed for a special visitor, Auntie Margie, who was a Colebrook child and a student at Eden Hills Primary School. One of her teachers was Amy O’Donoghue, also a former Colebrook child and the first Aboriginal teacher to gain qualification in SA. Her famous sister, Lowitja O’Donoghue, went to Unley HS.

Kellie, Auntie Margie, Di Grigg (Secretary of the BRG) and Andrew were entertained by the Colebrook Singing Group. Auntie Margie shared some of her story, including finding her mother years later in Alice Springs. She recalled enjoying fresh bread, fritz and sauce sandwiches being delivered to school by the Colebrook cook at lunch time.

The following day was filming day for the singers! For the film, our singing group were joined by the acclaimed recording artist, Nancy Bates, and artist Bianca Levai, granddaughter of the aforementioned Amy O’Donoghue. Their harmonies with Jen complemented our children’s voices so beautifully. If you have been involved with film-making, you know that it takes a lot of patience, goodwill and flexibility to try out a range of ideas, based on the directions of the film-makers. The children sang their song a number of times. Towards the end it was very tiring, but our students were just amazing, with the older students being very supportive of our very young singers. Congratulations to each and every one of you. You represented our school extremely well. And thank you to the families for your support and encouragement.

We have been asked to pass on the gratitude of Aboriginal Elders and friends, the BRG Sub-committee and Scarlett Media. The following forms part of their Ngaitalya (thank you) letter:

“The First Nations elders and participants and the film makers were extremely impressed with the harmonious way in which the children embraced the experience, followed directions and communicated respectfully with them. Our Indigenous cast all thought the children were awesome. Auntie Margie said, “Those kids were real palya (excellent)! - and they loved the Colebrook song. It is our hope that the film when released will serve to educate about the significance of Colebrook Reconciliation Park and the memorial to the Stolen Generation so that all who visit the site, young and old, understand the truths of history. An invaluable learning place for yunga lichia (our future) generations to grow and develop without bias. A place to connect.”

Scarlett Media estimates that post-production will take approximately three months to complete. We will be sure to let you all know when the documentary film is released.

Josie Whitehead

Music Teacher

National Volunteers Week

We put our hand up and thank the many Eden Hills Primary School volunteers that contribute their time, passion and care for our students with a special smile and wave to recognise the great work you do.

Recycling Team

As a part of the paper recycling team our job is to take all the paper from all over the school and put it into the recycling bin that gets emptied every second week. We also take your 10c bottles so the school can recycle them and reduce the waste we have. Each class has someone who comes once a week to take 10c and recycling containers, empties them and gives them back to your classroom. If your bins are ever full do not hesitate to call Casper or May in room 12.

World Environment Day Fundraiser

This year, World Environment Day has a special focus on “creating a good relationship with nature”.

In keeping with the Nature Play space being developed at school, the student Green Team would like to acknowledge this day by holding a fundraiser for Minton Farm Native Animal Rescue Centre, a local non-profit organization run entirely on community goodwill and volunteer time.

On Thursday 3 June children are invited to wear green or f l o r a l c l o t h i n g and provide a gold coin donation to Minton Farm.

The Green Team would also like to encourage children to pack ‘nude food’ lunches on this day to reduce our waste production and the consequent impact this waste has on the environment.

In addition, the Green Team will be running some gardening and planting opportunities during lunch time on the day.

Canteen News

There will be NO Canteen on Tuesday 15 June.

Book Sale

A huge thank you to the families who have already donated!

Nature Play – Call Out for Donations

Is there someone in the family that is handy with a chainsaw and can cut logs? Do you have any old pots and pans lying about? Can you collect pine cones, sticks, seed pods or shells with the children? Then we need you!

With the installation of the new fencing, the Eden Hills Nature Play Team is very keen to start accepting donations of a variety of resources for use in the area. Sticks, branches, cut logs, old pots and pans, pine cones, seed pods, river stones, natural stepping stones, wooden slices, pegs, feathers and shells are all needed. Over the coming months, any of these donated items will greatly contribute to the creation of a cubby building area, a mud kitchen, a ‘yarning circle’, water play and loose parts exploration spaces.

See the link below for a table of wanted items, along with example images.


Please remember to be environmentally mindful when collecting items for donation. Wood should come from private property only and not be taken from verges, national parks and parks in general. Plants and animals cannot be removed from beaches, so please check any shells collected are empty.

Labelled donation bins for smaller items will be located outside the front office during school hours from week 6. For larger items such as sticks and logs, please contact Perdita at perdita.hope720@schools.sa.edu.au to arrange drop off at the school.

Wine Order Fundraiser

This year our wine drive includes wine from one of our very own families at Eden Hills Primary.

Blewitt Springs Wine Co is an award winning, family owned, boutique winery, set in the undulating hills of the McLaren Vale wine¬growing region. Blewitt Springs Wine Co vineyard sits on ancient sands over clay and silt stone which dates back 750 million years. The family work with nature to boost the vineyards biodiversity and produce 100 percent certified organic grapes. Blewitt Springs Wine Co wine is handmade and pressed with minimal sulphates added.

For every 6 bottles purchased we will receive $24 on this amazingly priced premium wine and all money raised will go towards the new Nature Play Area.

Please return order forms and payment cash or credit card only to the Front Office by

Thursday 24 June 2021

Delivery will be Wednesday 30 June 2021

For more information visit the link below or contact Laura: 0411280 738


Year 7 to High School Parent Update

School Closure

The School Closure has been scheduled for Monday 6 September 2021.

Winter Time Increase in Sickness

During winter, children at school are more likely to get sick. We encourage you to keep your children at home to prevent the spread of colds, flu and any other contagious illnesses. If you do decide to keep your child home, do not forget to notify us. Please see your General Practitioner for all health information.

Is Your Child Due to Start School in 2022?

We have had a lot of inquiries about student enrolment at our school and some or our existing families have completed enrolment forms already.

To support us with this process we are asking families who have a child starting school in 2022, or know of a family who lives in the community with a child starting in 2022, to complete the registration of interest form by the end of term 2 or alternatively book a School Tour via our school website.

Registration of interest forms are available by clicking the link below or from the front office.

School Card

The School Card scheme offers financial assistance with school fees (materials and services charges).


School Card is available to:

  • families with children aged four years and over who attend a school full time
  • independent full-time year students studying year 10, 11 or 12
  • adult re-entry students undertaking subjects to complete their SACE.

To qualify for School Card, your family's gross income must be below a certain limit. This limit depends on how many dependent children you have and whether your child attends a government, independent, or Catholic school.

You will need to provide proof of income e.g. payslips or Centrelink information.

All types of school card applications are available on line. Please click the link below for further information.

Student Representative Council Executives

Name: Kai
Year: 6
Role: SRC Executive
Why is the SRC Executive role important to you?
I love being a leader and love to make positive changes. I value Eden Hills PS a lot and therefore it makes me happy to be a leader and represent this school.
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Food: Pasta / Pizza
Favourite Thing To Do: Playing video games.

Community Notices


25 Oct 2022 - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

02 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

30 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM