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3 March 2022

Newsletter Articles

Term 1, Week 5

After an unprecedented start it was wonderful to see our Year 2 to 6 students back face to face in classrooms as of Week 3. We were extremely proud of our staff’s capacity to adapt and support learning face to face as well as remotely through quite challenging circumstances. Our Reception and Year 1 students transitioned well into school life in the first two weeks and should be really proud of the way they have begun their year so positively.

Over the past two weeks classes have been settling into routines, establishing expectations and preparing for the year of learning ahead. The next four weeks will see a reduction in some restrictions, however, we maintain a cautious and vigilant approach to avoid any major disruptions to student learning.

Thank you to all our families for your ongoing support, cooperation and understanding while we navigate the changes and accommodations to keep our school community safe.

Learning at school

Children and students should continue to attend school and preschool as normal unless they are:

  • self-isolating as directed by SA Health
  • waiting for results of a COVID-19 test
  • unwell or show any COVID-19 related symptoms

If a child or student is required to isolate as a result of testing positive to COVID-19 or because they are a close contact, they can use the Department’s learning at home lessons to continue their learning at home.

Reception to Year 6 students can access a minimum of 3 learning at home lessons online each day. Lessons are delivered via video or Microsoft PowerPoint and can be accessed on any device.

The learning at home lessons and other resources are available from the link below


Bottom yard

Our amazing Grounds person Neil has been working extremely hard to reinvigorate our bottom yard to create a more useable space for our students to play and learn. Neil has extended the lawn and irrigation and we have recently purchased a boat to be placed in this space. The next phase will be to reposition some of the larger rocks to further extend the lawn around the water course. We look forward to seeing this space up and running in the near future. A big thank you to Neil for your amazing efforts, it’s looking fantastic!

AGM / Governing Council Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will be held in Week 7, Wednesday 16 March at 7pm. To meet COVID-19 guidelines the meeting will be held via Zoom. If you would like to attend please email dl.0124.info@schools.sa.edu

Following the AGM, Governing Council will elect new members and establish office bearers. Further information regarding Governing Council will be coming home in your child/ren’s school bags.

Warm regards,

Nature Play News

Towards the end of last year, the Eden Hills Primary School Nature Play Space was opened up for class use. Teachers were able to take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate Nature Play into their curriculum by providing students with focused outdoor learning experiences. Cubby building, small worlds and the mud kitchen were thoroughly “tested” and enjoyed, along with lots of other activities.

Our staff team and parent volunteers will continue to plan and modify the area, with a Nature Play incursion, run by Nature Play SA, scheduled for Week 8 of this term. In addition, the hand water pump and cubby pods, that were funded by last year’s Colour Fun Run, are due to arrive and be installed soon. Something for the students to look forward to!

We still need plenty more sticks for our cubby/teepee building stocks and any donations of straight or forked sticks of 2 - 3m long would be most appreciated. Other donations such as kitchen utensils, wooden or plastic animals, or anything that may be useful for an outdoor fairy garden or dinosaur world would also be much welcomed.

Please contact Perdita for further information ( perdita.hope720@schools.sa.edu.au ).

Piano Tuition at Eden Hills Primary

Laura Tink has been providing private piano/keyboard lessons to the students of EHPS since 2019. If your child/ren are interested in learning how to tinkle the ivories contact her on 0459 590 496 or email jgtink@gmail.com for further details.

Guitar Tuition at Eden Hills Primary

Brad Iversen is a Bachelor of Music Graduate with close to 20 years teaching experience. He will be providing private guitar lessons at EHPS. Contact him on 0413 551 987 or email fretplayb@gmail.com for more information.

Water Bottles

To Whom It May Concern: stay hydrated, it’s important to drink before you feel thirsty. This is especially important if you are exercising or if it’s a hot day. Even if you’re not thirsty, try to drink water regularly throughout the day.

This is a reminder for our students to bring their own water bottles to school, especially as we have had some really hot temperatures lately. Water bottles can be refilled from the taps throughout the day but students cannot drink directly from the tap due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The Departmental sun protection policy is in effect for Terms 1, 3 and 4 and whenever UV radiation levels reach 3 or above. All students are required to wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears, i.e. bucket, legionnaire or broad brimmed. Baseball or peak caps are NOT considered a suitable alternative.

We sell bucket hats in the office for $8. The broad brimmed and legionnaire hats can be purchased from retail stores or specialist uniform shops.

School Fees

All families should have received their Materials and Services invoice via the post in January. Please note the due date on the invoices is February 28 2022. School fees can be paid via QKR, credit card or cash.

If you have overdue fees from last year please make this your immediate priority. If you would like to pay by instalments please arrange a payment plan. You can contact me via email at heather.ellis314@schools.sa.edu.au , phone or in person.

If you think you may be eligible for school card to assist with the Materials & Services fee please follow the link below for information and to submit your application.


If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me by telephone, email or come into the office.


After School Sports

Sport played out of school hours is very popular with students at Eden Hills. Its success is dependent upon the amazing parent volunteers who coach, manage and coordinate the individual codes of sport.

We are currently in desperate need of a Come & Try Basketball Coach for our younger students and also a Netball Coordinator. If these parent volunteer positions are not filled, these sports will not go ahead!

If you are interested please contact me for further information.

Rebecca Stevens
Sports Coordinator

Parking Around School Zones

Mitcham Council continually monitors schools to enforce parking zones and restrictions to ensure the safety of students. By parking appropriately when you drop your children off to school, you can help to ensure there is no danger to students and avoid traffic congestion around our school.

Please be aware any breaches of the Australian Road Rules 1999 observed by Community Safety Officers may result in the issue of an expiation notice.

Please click the link below to the ‘Children Schools & Traffic’ brochure which has information for drivers about public and student safety at school drop off and pick up times.

Kiss & Drop Zone Rules:

1. Treat the kiss & drop zone as you would any other moving queue or line. Enter at the base or end of the kiss & drop zone, and position yourself a safe distance from the car in front of you, as close to the curb as possible (to leave space on the road for both directions of traffic to be able to pass). When the line moves, please also carefully move up, so you maintain your distance from the car in front, or reach the top of the line. This prevents other cars from having to reverse into the kiss & drop zone, and makes it easier to see from further down the road when space has become available.

2. Please don't leave your vehicle unattended in the kiss & drop zone. even for a minute. If your child(ren) are not waiting on the oval, and you have waited for more than a few minutes, then please move your car out of the kiss & drop zone and into a parking space further up the street. Then you can return to school and look for your child(ren).

We understand this can be frustrating, and difficult if you’re in a hurry. However, cars which are parked and left in the kiss & drop zone at pick up and drop off times cause other drivers significant difficulty and frustration, on what is already a narrow street.

3. Do not allow your child to enter or exit your car unless you are safely stopped in the kiss & drop zone or in a parking spot. Do not drop off or pick up from the middle of the road (which means your child has to walk onto the road) or on a yellow line, or in someone’s driveway.

4. Please avoid doing 3-point turns near the school, especially at peak times. While legal, reversing into driveways (especially the staff car park) while many children are exiting the school grounds isn’t safe, and also blocks traffic from both directions. If possible, please move further away from the school before turning your car around.

5. It is illegal to U-turn across a continuous unbroken white line, such as at the corner of Wilpena St and Willowie St (just above the train station parking). We appreciate that it is frustrating to have to drive further from the school to be able to safely turn around to access the kiss & drop zone, however it is important that this law is adhered to for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Where possible, approach the school by exiting Shepherds Hill Rd onto Willunga St or Murtoa Rd, rather than Wilpena St, which will avoid the need to U-turn.

As a school we have very limited parking. Please park considerately. When parking, please position your vehicle so as to optimise the number of parking spaces around you, without blocking driveways or parking so close to other cars that they are parked in. For those who are able to do a short 3-minute walk, there is more parking available on other nearby streets, such as Willunga St and Ellis Ave (walk through to the back gate), and parking that little bit further away can reduce the congestion around the school.

Staying Safe Online

Starting Secondary School in 2023

At the start of Term 2 the families of students in Year 6 will start to receive correspondence regarding the high school enrolment and transition process.

The important thing for families to do this term is to ensure all Year 6 students have accurate address details and contact information for parents. If you have changed address, don’t forget that you must provide proof of residence to the office as soon as possible. This needs to be in the form of a recent utilities bill or a Rental or Sales agreement.

Start to have discussions within your family about the possible schools and goals that your child may have regarding high school.

Please keep a look out for open days or school tours of your local high schools or schools of special interest. As we are informed we will advertise events in the school newsletter.


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Community Notices


25 Oct 2022 - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

02 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

30 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM