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12 May 2022

Newsletter Articles

Welcome Back

A warm welcome back to our students and families for Term 2. We hope you all had a wonderful break and a chance to relax and unwind with your families and loved ones. The staff are looking forward to continuing our improvement journey this term and have been working hard preparing quality learning opportunities for our students.

Pupil Free Day / SIP

We had a productive Pupil Free day last Monday to begin our term. This day focused on revisiting our Site Improvement Plan priorities with a focus on analyzing our historical student data as well as moderation work in writing using the Brightpath tool.

Brightpath provides inbuilt moderation as all teachers are comparing their students to the same scaled set of exemplars. In addition, the empirical research undertaken to calibrate the Brightpath writing scales, provides detailed information about how writing develops. So, when teachers place their students on a Brightpath scale, they instantaneously know in detail their students’ strengths and weaknesses and what they need to teach next.

The information gained through this process is great for students too, as teachers can readily provide specific and targeted feedback to students and they can easily include students in the assessment process. This forms part of our improvement work in building our Student Agency focus on students’ capacity to set, monitor and review explicit learning goals.

Lower playground

Our amazing Grounds person, Neil, has continued with his efforts to create a more inviting space down in the lower playground. After an almighty effort he has repositioned multiple large rocks and new grass has been extended further around the water course. A little green fiber glass dinghy, currently named ‘Little One’, has appeared and our students are excitedly waiting for their opportunity to ‘sail the high seas’ during play time. The next stage of the redevelopment will be to reestablish and populate the garden bed with new plants and mulch. A huge thank you to Neil for his outstanding work!


The Department has communicated the COVID restrictions in place until the end of week 4. Due to the uncertainty of the direction in which case numbers may head, the approach is to remain cautious and vigilant. Therefore, at this stage there are no major changes to the guidelines.

Face Masks

For the first 4 weeks of term 2, when indoors, face masks will continue to be:

  • Required for all adults (including visitors), except when teaching or interacting with children
  • Strongly recommended for students in years 3 to 6.

The use of face masks in education settings will be reassessed by the Emergency Management Committee and the department ahead of the start of week 5.

The intention from the Department is to allow indoor assemblies to resume in a COVID safe manner. Due to the changing nature of restrictions we will communicate final attendance details at the beginning of the week of our next assembly.

Kind regards,
Andrew Dowling


On Monday 11 April, the year 5/6 students went to Port Noarlunga for a day of water safety and aquatics. Aquatics was really fun because we got to spend the whole day at the beach doing fun activities with our friends. It was absolutely freezing outside but nice in the water. Some of the activities were stand up paddle boarding, snorkelling, surfing, body-boarding and canoeing. The bus trip home seemed like it took forever, and everyone was exhausted the next day. It was really fun to try new things and learn about the ocean and how to stay safe in the water.

By Eliana

Room 5 & 7 Buddies

On Friday, we met up with our buddies. Firstly, Kat and Lachie gave us a letter from the alphabet. We then walked down to the nature play. We had to make lowercase letters using twigs, leaves and so on. When we finished, Kat took a photo of our work. Lastly, we got free time. The options were the mud kitchen where you could make mud pies, cupcakes and cakes or making cubes or Tepees using sticks and logs. Then we walked to the tiger turf and we sat and ate our lunch with our buddies.

Jessica and Maya.

Blackwood Lions Grant

A big ‘Thank You’ to Blackwood Lions club who continue to support our local schools. To further develop their links with Primary schools the Lions club has established a program to provide financial assistance to students in need through their school.

We have been very fortunate to receive a $2000 grant, which we have used to provide equipment in our new sensory area. We will also access some training and resources to assist us to continue to provide support to a wide range of our students.

Adults Little Free Library

It has been so lovely to see how popular our Adults Little Free Library has been over the past months. For those of you who didn’t know it existed, it is on the wall just outside the entrance to the Resource Centre, is open 24/7 and operates on the ‘take one now, leave one later’ principle.

But we need help please – we have completely run out of books for restocking. If you have any preloved books that you can bear to part with we would love to give them a new home. They can be sent in to the Front Office or to the Resource Centre. Many thanks.

Mitcham Girls High School Gift Dance Program

Mitcham Girls High School GifT Dance program is designed for students with a keen interest and aptitude in Dance.

The next audition for the program is Tuesday 31 May, at 9.00am.

High School Enrolments

The Year 6 students received a ‘Starting Secondary School in 2022’ booklet last week for parents to access. This booklet contains useful information about the process of enrolling students into secondary schools. Parents also received an email last week providing an online registration of interest form for high school. The form allows you to nominate a public high school or schools you would like your child to attend in 2023. Complete and submit the form by 27 May 2022.

Parents can find out more on the Department’s website.


High School Special Interest Programs

Nature Play Update

We are very excited to have finally received three steel framed huts from Simon at Climbing Tree.

Purchased with money raised from last year’s Colour Fun Run, one of the huts is pre-woven with cane, the other two remaining bare for our students to weave or thread during Nature Play sessions. Our Grounds person, Neil, will be securing the huts in place and we can’t wait to see how the students use their imaginations with them.

The Nature Play space will continue to be used throughout the year, so don’t be surprised if teachers request students to bring rubber boots, wet weather gear or a change of clothing over the coming months.

Nature Play Team

Sustainability Sub-Committee

One of our parents is setting up a Sustainability Sub-Committee and is looking for parent volunteers that might be interested in being a part of the group. The group would share ideas such as:

  • How the school could become more sustainable in various areas
  • How these ideas could be implemented effectively and efficiently
  • How children and parents could facilitate any transition and aid teachers
  • How funding could be obtained for any changes that require financing

Adey would then feed this back to the Governing Council.

If anyone is potentially interested, and would like to know more about what would be involved, then please contact Adey Stoker (Mum of Alpa-Yr2 and Conal-Reception)

Phone/text: 0457 585124 or Email: adeystoker@hotmail.co.uk


Together, we're raising funds with Entertainment

If you would like to purchase an Entertainment Book membership please click on the following link


Student Representative Council Executives

Each edition of the newsletter will have a short article introducing the SRC Executives for 2022.

Name: Henri
Year: 6
Role: SRC Executive

Why is the SRC Executive role important to you?

Sounded like a great challenge and I thrive in the leadership role.

Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Food: Mac & Cheese
Favourite Thing To Do: Play sport & video games.

Climate Action

Please click the link below to access the youtube video


Community Notices


25 Oct 2022 - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

02 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

30 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM