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9 June 2022

Newsletter Articles

Term 2, Week 6

Mid-Year intake information

The Department for Education is introducing a mid-year intake into preschool from 2023 and into school (reception) from 2024.

Starting preschool

From 2023 children who turn 4 years old:

  • before 1 May continue to start preschool at the beginning of the year
  • from 1 May to 31 October start preschool through the mid-year intake at the start of term 3 of that year
  • after 31 October start preschool at the beginning of the following year.

Children will undertake 4 terms (1 year) of preschool, regardless of whether they start at the beginning of the year, or through a mid-year intake.

Further information about how to submit registration of interest for mid-year entry to preschool will be available soon.

Starting school

From 2024 children who turn 5 years old:

  • before 1 May can start primary school (the first year is known as reception) at the beginning of the year
  • from 1 May to 31 October start school through the mid-year intake at the start of term 3 of that year
  • after 31 October start school at the beginning of the following year.

Students who start school at the beginning of the year will complete 4 terms of reception.

Students who start school through a mid-year intake (start of term 3) will complete 6 terms of reception.


The Department for Education website has key information for families starting preschool and starting school.


COVID update

Face masks are:

Strongly recommended (but not required) for all adults - including visitors and parents - while indoors, except when teaching or interacting with children

Strongly recommended (but not required) for students in years 3 to 12 while indoors.

Students and staff will be encouraged and supported to continue wearing a face mask if they choose to.

Supplies of surgical face masks will continue to be provided to our school by the Department for Education.

Face masks for close contacts

If your child is a close contact and aged 12 years or older, they must wear a face mask when they are outside of the home for 7 days following exposure as per the SA Health close contact guidelines .

Face masks are strongly recommended (but not required) for classroom contacts.

Face mask use in outbreaks

The Department for Education and SA Health have advised that face masks will be required to be worn in education settings where COVID-19 transmission reaches certain thresholds, based on SA Health advice.

In these instances, face masks will be required to be worn indoors by all staff and visitors in the school for a 14-day period.

You will be advised of the dates that face masks will be required if we reach these outbreak thresholds at our school.

Collection and dropping of students

As we continue to record regular COVID cases and a number of illnesses resulting in absenteeism we ask that you are mindful of social distancing when entering the school and using indoor spaces. You can collect your child/ren on site or continue to collect at the gates.


Assemblies will return to the SAC for host class families to attend. While masks are not required for adults in attendance, we strongly encourage their use at these events. We will continue to stream our Assemblies via YouTube.


We are excited to be welcoming back volunteers to various roles across the school throughout the term. If you would like to volunteer, please read and complete the required documentation located on our website:


If you have any queries regarding the requirements for volunteering at the school, please contact Jo McIntyre.


Paving upgrade

We will be upgrading the paths around the Tiger Turf and flag poles at the end of this term. The upgrade will involve replacing the deteriorating rubber surface with pavers to provide a more stable and robust pathway. These works are scheduled to begin in week 10.

Warm regards,
Andrew Dowling

SAPSASA Swimming

Congratulations to Eliana who competed in the Southern Heights State Metro Championships on 9 May. She placed 6th out of 12 with a PB in backstroke.

Awesome achievement Eliana!

SAPSASA Cross Country

On Tuesday, Eden Hills Primary students represented our school at the SAPSASA Cross Country event. The students ran 2km or 3km through Belair National Park. They all put in their best effort. Max and Alice placed 2nd and 6th in their race and will go on to compete in the Cross Country championships at Oakbank Racecourse.

Not pictured in group photo: Urijah, Henry, Ella, Abby and Joel.


On Tuesday, the Eden Hills Year 5/6 Knockout Netball team battled against Emmaus and Nativity. The competition was tough, and we did not get the result we wanted however the team morale was high. The girls put in their best effort and great leadership was shown by Captains, Evelyn and Peyton.

Upper Primary Student Lead Teams

Arts and Craft Club

Hello, it is Lily and Claire here. We are the arts and craft club managers.

Every Thursday lunch we do exciting and interesting things like bracelets and stick weaving. The arts and craft are suited for anyone. If you are interested in the club and have any ideas for next term you can inform either Lily or Claire.

Thank you, we hope to see you at the arts and craft club soon.

Details: Resource Centre Thursday lunch time

Board Games Club

Games are us. Some of the cool games we have include Chess, Tetris dual, Trapped Penguin, Uno, Giant Snakes and Ladders, the Bee Game and more.

There are four amazing managers who will help at all times.

It will be held Monday lunch time in the Resource Centre.

Yours sincerely, Managers

Coding Club

Hi, it’s Charlotte, the coding club manager. Starting in week 3, Coding club will be running every Friday lunch in the STEM room. There will be LOTS of fun Competitions and opportunities to learn the important life skill of coding. This club will be suitable for everyone, with activities ranging from ages reception to year 6.

Drawing Club

Hi this is Aleks and Lucas from drawing club. Drawing club is a great place to hang out with friends and have fun drawing. It will be in the Resource Centre every Wednesday lunch time. We will do different activities each fortnight.

Hope to see you there!

Dungeons and Dragons (DND) Club

Welcome to the all-new dungeons and dragons club! On Tuesdays at the Resource Centre come and enjoy a thrilling adventure experience, run your awesome character in a party of other such brave adventurers, find epic loot, fight dangerous monsters and work your way through difficult dungeons.

Green Team

Hello, this is Evelyn and Sienna, we are this year’s green team managers.

Green Team will be held on Friday lunches, at the garden shed.

There will be nature-based activities and lots of fun!

Hope to see you there! :)

Graduate Garden

Hello, our names are Sienna and Abigail. We are this year’s Graduate Garden managers. Our team’s job is to help with the planting, watering, and weeding. We are looking for members that will help keep the garden tidy. Graduate Garden is on Tuesday and Thursday lunch time and it’s in front of room 11 and 12. Hope to see you there.

Ice Blocks

Hello this is Peyton and Maggie, and we are the ice block managers. Ice blocks will be sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ice blocks will be sold for 50c each and there is a limit of 2 ice blocks per person. We will be selling them at the wooden table outside OHSC. The biggest amount of money you can bring is $1. That’s all thank you.

Maggie & Peyton

Wintertime Increase in Sickness

During winter, children at school are more likely to get sick. We encourage you to keep your children at home to prevent the spread of colds, flu, and any other contagious illnesses. If you do decide to keep your child home, do not forget to notify us via the methods below. Please follow SA Health Guidelines or see your General Practitioner for all health information.

Change of Clothes

We have increasing numbers of students needing a change of clothes for various reasons.

Our stocks of pants are very low, we ask that parents wash and return borrowed clothing to the office promptly. Packing a spare change of clothes in your child’s bag, especially those with younger children, is a good practice.

If there are any families that are willing to donate unwanted navy-blue pants, sizes 4 - 8, it would be greatly appreciated.

Is Your Child Due to Start School in 2023?

We have had a lot of inquiries about student enrolment at our school and some of our existing families have completed enrolment forms already.

To support us with this process we are asking families who have a child starting school in 2023 or know of a family who lives in the community with a child starting in 2023, to complete an enrolment form by the end of term 2 or alternatively book a School Tour via our school website.

Registration of interest forms are available by contacting the front office.

High School

Student Representative Council Executives

Each edition of the newsletter will have a short article introducing the SRC Executives for 2022.

Name: Sienna
Year: 6
Role: SRC Executive
Why is the SRC Executive role important to you?

I’ve always looked up to the SRC executives and had a passion to become one. I believe I have the confidence to succeed in this role.
Favourite Colour: Light Blue
Favourite Food: Pasta
Favourite Thing To Do: Play sport & dance.

Southern District Community Engagement Newsletter

Community Notices


25 Oct 2022 - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

02 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

30 Nov 2022 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM