Governing Council

Eden Hills Primary School Governing Council monitors the site budget and progress towards the broad directions (policy development and review) to facilitate the school’s Site Improvement Plan. The governing council meet twice a term on a Wednesday evening at 7:30pm. The governing council is comprised of 13 parents and 2 staff. Members are part of a variety of subcommittees including Finance and Out of School Hours Care (OSHC).

Our 2023 Governing Council



(Left to right) Andrew Dowling (Principal), Adey Stoker, Sally O’Neill, Julia Mchawala, Jane Simmons, Laura Dunkley, Katie Schubert (Secretary), Leanne Christinat (Treasurer), Clare Klapdor, Catherine Chalmers (OSHC), Heather Carter, Katie Havelberg, David Lister (Chairperson), Eric Nicholson (Deputy Chairperson), Staff Reps: Matilda Garrard / Jake Burfitt


Governing Council can be contacted for any governance related enquiries at: