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Nature Play

Nature Play is coming to Eden Hills Primary School

We are pleased to announce that a dedicated Nature Play space will be developed at Eden Hills this year. This outdoor space will be utilised by staff to provide a curriculum connected to nature and encourage exploration, learning and play outdoors. Together with a small team of staff and volunteers from the school community, our students have been eagerly involved in the design process with many submitting their ideas and suggestions for consideration.

This week, a large dedicated space is being enclosed with new fencing, thus allowing us to commence work. Water play, cubby building, a mud kitchen, a ‘yarning circle’ and loose parts exploration activities will all be established over the coming months. The school’s propagation shed will be used to grow native plants suitable for planting in the Nature Play space. Any community members interested in volunteering their help can contact the school for further details.

COVID-19 EHPS open on Monday

I hope this update finds you all safe and well.

The Chief Public Health Officer and Police Commissioner has announced easing of restrictions in South Australia.

From Monday Eden Hills Primary will be open for all students to attend.

Please continue to make yourselves aware of the latest SA Health COVID advice:

Latest COVID tracing information:

Take care.

COVID-19 UPDATE Department for Education

Dear parent/caregiver,

Today the Premier announced a 6 day statewide lockdown starting at midnight tonight (Wednesday 18 November) through to midnight Tuesday 24 November.

Only the children of essential workers and vulnerable children will be able to attend school or preschool / child care.

A skeleton staff will provide supervision but not a learning program for the remainder of this week. If your child needs to attend, we will be here for them.

All students have been asked to take home anything they need to continue their learning from home.

More information on learning programs will be provided early next week, as we work our way through the new COVID-19 Directions.

All South Australians are making sacrifices to ensure our community remains as safe as possible. We appreciate that this is a significant undertaking for you and your family.  Your child’s teacher, our support staff and I are here to support you where we can.

Kind regards,


COVID-19 EHPS Update 15

As you may have now heard, South Australia will be entering a lockdown over the next 6 days. The Department for Education will be providing a communication update on schooling shortly. We will send through information as soon as this is received. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Take care.


Dear parents and caregivers,

While South Australia continues to hold a stable position in relation to COVID numbers, the ongoing situation in Victoria, NSW and QLD highlights the need for continual vigilance to maintain the safety of our students, staff and school community. I have been exceptionally proud of how we have managed these difficult circumstances and our ability to deliver continuity of learning for our students. 

To continue to support the strong ongoing position in South Australia, Eden Hills Primary remains committed to:

  • Social Distancing: we continue to ask that parents and caregivers adhere to Social Distancing guidelines (1.5m spacing) when dropping off or picking up children outside of classrooms. To support everyone’s safety we ask that you minimize your time onsite if you have to accompany your child to their class.  Leaving the school grounds promptly after dropping off and before 3.30pm is greatly appreciated. Teachers have observed an increase in the independent management skills of our students and we thank you for your support with this.  
  • Communication / Teacher contact: we ask that parents make a time if they require face to face discussion with their teacher by contacting them through Seesaw or email, or they may make alternative arrangements such as phone or video conference.
  • Cleaning (extra 3 hours per day): daily clean of shared areas, classrooms, high touch surfaces and table tops.
  • Assembly: continues to be students and staff only and will be streamed live and then available for 24 hours via our YouTube channel.
  • Students not drinking directly from the drink fountains. Please continue to send students with a full drink bottle.


The decision to run larger school events has been a complex and challenging process, complicated further as expectations and guidelines are regularly changing due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that many decisions to modify our school events have been disappointing for our school community, however we have made them in the best interests and safety of our students. Additionally, we are committed to minimizing the risks of a school closure to avoid disruption of student learning. As a school, our limited resources mean we are unable to adequately meet many of the requirements needed to maintain suitable safety levels if the public was in attendance.

  • Sports Day: is a staff and students only event. When developing our risk analysis, a number of complexities had to be considered including:
  • stringent guidelines and regulations for in-school hours events
  • our capacity to provide appropriate amenities to the public
  • strict hygiene requirements including first aid and sanitation stations
  • our capacity to supervise students while providing effective management of social distancing and COVID documentation
  • cleaning expectations of high touch surfaces and amenities
  • potential risk of transmission and resulting school closure

To share this event with families we are planning to live stream parts of the day and will also be uploading video and photos on our class Seesaw platforms.

  • Excursions: at this stage we are postponing organizing multiple class excursions due to complexities and cost of travel. Utilizing the train is not a viable option due to distancing requirements. We are currently looking at possible incursions and local destinations in walking distance that can provide our students extended learning opportunities.
  • Remembrance / Grandparents Day: will not occur in its usual format this year due to the increased risk to our most vulnerable guests. We are still looking to hold an in-school event to commemorate those that lost their lives in conflict and will look to share this through our streaming platform.
  • End of year concert: indoor restrictions at the Capri Theatre’s capacity will only allow limited numbers on each level. Unfortunately, these numbers can only accommodate our students and staff. We are planning to hold this during the school day at the Capri and have the performance recorded to then share with families.
  • Graduation: we are looking to provide the most authentic celebration for our graduating students. Holding an indoor event would currently require us to reduce attendance significantly. We are in ongoing discussions to find a solution that will allow families of graduating students to celebrate this milestone. 
  • Camps: we are tentatively looking at local camps for 2021. There are strict density guidelines around facilities and the management of camps and we are mindful of the situation changing rapidly. Interstate travel is still not permitted and has also become cost prohibitive so we are exploring alternative options to the Canberra Camp.

Potential school closure

In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 our school will be temporarily closed. We will then follow protocols in line with SA Health and the Department for Education. Please note that this could occur during the school day. If a closure of this nature were to eventuate there is an expectation that students are collected by their nominated guardians to ensure we maintain accurate tracing records. For the safety of everyone, students riding or walking home on their own will not be permitted. We are regularly updating our procedures to facilitate this process and directions will be communicated on the day via SMS and Schoolzine.

We would like to thank the school community for your ongoing support and understanding of these accommodations through such unprecedented times.

All children and staff are reminded to:

  • stay at home if unwell
  • wash their hands regularly
  • cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue or elbow

All students and staff who are unwell with fever and/or respiratory infection should remain at home and get tested for COVID-19. An ongoing school community approach in regards to this is essential. Please continue to keep yourselves safe. Take care.

Evacuation Drill

Today we practised an emergency evacuation drill during class time.

All students responded in a calm manner however we would appreciate it if you could spend some time talking to your child tonight about preparing for emergencies.

Student response was excellent with all following the process, and safely outside within two minutes.

Japanese Cultural Day

This a reminder that the Japanese Cultural Day is next Wednesday 2nd September. Students are encouraged to wear Japanese- themed out fits and Sushi orders close this Friday 28th August at 10.00am, so don’t miss out!

Please note that the Blackwood High School canteen WILL NOT be available on Friday 4th or Monday 7th of September for lunch orders.

Japanese Cultural Day


On Wednesday, the 2nd of September, Eden Hills Primary School will be celebrating the amazing culture of Japan by having a whole-school Japanese Day. In the morning, Room 5 will be hosting a Japanese themed assembly in which the Cultural Day will be introduced.

Afterwards, classes will be travelling around the school with their ‘buddy’ class and participating in various cultural activities; tamaire (a Japanese sport which involves throwing small beanbags into hoops), origami, fit-ball relay, kendama (traditional Japanese toy) craft, hachimaki (white fabric headband) making and watching a Japanese theatrical performance.

To get into the spirit of the day, we encourage students to dress-up in Japanese themed attire (e.g. sumo, karate, Hello Kitty, samurai, Totoro, Pokémon, judo, manga, anime, kimono etc.) or wear red and white, the colours of the Japanese flag. If they are unable to dress up, school uniform is still required.

Sushi lunch orders will be available on the day.  The Blackwood Canteen has agreed to provide sushi for us at a cost of $3.00 per roll.  You will need to order the Sushi before 10:00am Friday 28 August via QKR under special food day.

Sushi that will be available: 

Teriyaki chicken, Teriyaki beef, Tuna and avocado, California, Salmon and avocado, Pumpkin and avocado, Vegetarian (carrot, cucumber, avocado)

Kind Regards,

Elin Sensei and Kelly Sensei

Mitcham Council Community Feedback

The Mitcham Council is currently seeking further community feedback on the 2 alternative designs for a new Community Hub on Young Street/Waite Reserve. The Blackwood Community Hub will replace the existing separate library and community centre with a brand new, intergenerational, integrated facility.

The Community Hub is a public realm building that has the potential to deliver first class library and community centre services and resources, with the addition of Council customer services and bookable spaces for community and business.

Please see the attached flyer with information on how to provide feedback.


Kiss And Drop Zone

Multiple parents have expressed their concerns and frustrations about the way our kiss & drop zone operates. Many parents have also reported receiving $100 fines from Mitcham Council’s parking inspector, who regularly monitors the area at peak times.

This year, members of the Governing Council intend to engage with the Mitcham Council to investigate options around improved signage, redevelopment and demarcation of the zone.

However, in the short term, we thought it beneficial to remind our community of how each of us should (and shouldn’t) use the kiss & drop zone.

If there are other caregivers, grandparents, or family friends who drop off or collect your child(ren) from school, please forward them this email.

Kiss & Drop Rules:

1. Please treat the kiss & drop as you would any other moving queue or line. Enter at the base or end of the kiss & drop zone, and position yourself a safe distance from the car in front of you, as close to the curb as possible (to leave space on the road for both directions of traffic to be able to move). When the line moves, please also carefully move up, so you maintain your distance from the car in front, or reach the top of the line. This prevents other cars from having to reverse into the kiss & drop, and makes it easier to see from further down the road when space has become available.

2. Please never leave your vehicle in the kiss and drop. Not even for a minute. If your child(ren) are not waiting for you, and you have waited for more than a few minutes, then please move your car out of the kiss & drop and into a park further up the road before you leave your car to look for your child(ren). We understand this can be frustrating, and difficult if you’re in a hurry. However, cars which are parked and left in the kiss & drop at pick up and drop off times cause other parents and drivers significant difficulty and frustration, on what is already a narrow street.

3. Please do not allow your child to enter or exit your car unless you are safely stopped in the kiss & drop zone or in a parking spot. Do not drop off or pick up from the middle of the road (which means your child has to walk onto the road to enter or exit your vehicle) or on a yellow line, or someone’s driveway.

4. Please avoid doing 3-point turns near the school, especially at peak times. While legal, reversing into drive ways (especially the staff car park) while many children are exiting the school grounds isn’t safe, and also blocks traffic from both directions. If possible, please move further away from the school before turning your car around.

Finally, a quick note on parking. As a school we have very limited parking. Please park considerately. When parking, please position your vehicle so as to optimise the number of parking spaces around you, without blocking driveways or parking so close to other cars that they are parked in. It is very frustrating for other parents when they see two cars spread across a space that usually fits 3 or 4 cars. 
For those who are able to do a short 3 minute walk, there is more parking available on other nearby streets, such as Willunga Street and Ellis Avenue (walk through to the back gate), and parking that little bit further away can reduce the congestion around the school.

Thank you for reading this. We appreciate that our parking situation creates stress for parents, and we are looking into ways to improve it. In the meantime, let’s all do what we can to make drop offs and pick-ups as low stress as possible, by following the rules and being considerate. 

Eden Hills Governing Council